Happiness is the single root to a good life. Through struggle, you try and find happiness to better your life. Many other values are associated to happiness such as commitment (#), family (#), friendship (#), humor (#), and even wealth (#). Some people say that wealth does not bring happiness.


Happiness can affect other people beside oneself. Without happiness in life, one cannot enjoy the simple things in life and the people around one could also be affected by ones unhappiness.

The definition of happiness is “an emotion that is associated with feelings ranging from contentment and satisfaction to bliss and joy.” With taking the definition into account, anyone at any time can be happy. From a simple compliment from a friend to a significant promotion at work, there is always going to be happiness. Everyone in this world is looking to be happy and no one is trying to look for suffering. Who would want to go through life not being able to enjoy the small things?

Family (#) may be one of the most important aspects in having happiness in life. They are the only people that will love you no matter the circumstances. They are the people in your life that, if you are lost and are looking to find your happiness, will be there for you to help you find it. They do not judge you and when you are having a hard time they will make it better. Along with family, friendship (#) is the second most important aspect in having happiness in your life. Friends are the people in your life that are also there by your side, but yet are a different kind of happiness in your life. Humor (#) helps aid in happiness in your life. Humor, in essence, is happiness.


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