A Day In The Life Of A Nurse

A Day in The Life Of A Nurse

Nursing at its core entails the care of individuals who have physical, emotional, psychological, intellectual, social, or even spiritual needs. Nurses save and improve the wellbeing of individuals on a frontline basis. Most nurses have a pretty hefty workload in any of the various forms they may eventually be employed in. Nurses assess and monitor patients, and determine what patients need to attain and preserve good health. Nurses as a whole must have extensive study in nursing theory and training in clinical skills. More than just that nurses at times are educators informing individuals ways they can improve their daily lives or the lives of their families. In all of this there are even different forms of nursing that take place in different areas, have different care themes, and even different rules and regulations in regards to patients.

Juridic Controls
In America alone we have numerous rules and regulations regarding what it takes to even become a nurse. A nurse must have completed an academic course of study in nursing practice as well as anatomy, physiology, ethics, phsychology, and at times even legal issues. A nurse must attain the title of either a LPN (licensed practical nurse), RN (registered nurse), LVN (licensed vocational nurse), APN (advanced practice nurse), or DNPs (doctorate of nurse practice) before they can become a nurse. Each individual state has authority over its nursing practice and its scope, and licenses must be periodically renewed. Some states even require continued education in the renewal process of a nurses license. Aside from that there are various laws that regulate nursing and its practice. Nurses are required to wear scrubs while on the job and many places require nurses to wear nonskid shoes to avoid accidents on wet floors. They are required to constantly maintain cleanlyness in their work areas, as well as maintain personal hygeine to reduce the chance of infection. When it comes to patient care often times they are required to wear latex gloves and follow very stringent procedures when dealing with any bodily fluids. They also must dispose of any compromised materials in regulation biohazard waste recepticals. While on the job nurses also run into various laws that can affect what they can and cannot do. For one nurses run into malpractice laws if they either knowingly or unknowingly perform an act that can cause harm or death to a patient. In this instance there are several laws that apply to find the final ruling which can be a work related punishment all the way up to a very serious lawsuit that could possibly put the nurse in prison. The same type of punishment applies to narcotics, at times a nurse is able to administer certain narcotics to patients who have been prescribed those as part of their treatment. At times one may find one missing from their count after their narcotics check, and simply writes it off on a patient who had it prescribed, but didnt actually recieve the dose. This would be a violation of a narcotics law. Nurses also run into a very real risk of losing their jobs simply by doing things that many would say aren't to uncommon outside the workplace. Things like haveing a possessions charge, or even something like driving under the influence can jeapordize a nurses job.

Although just from the few laws and regulations it can easily be thought that a nurse has far to great of a workload for anyone of sane mind to want to partake. Many times there isn't enough liscensed staff on the work floor, and the nurses are overworked by their superiors. There are times when they simply don't even have enough time to focus on the patients care with all the paperwork they are required to maintain and keep track of. Nurses also run on very tedious and strenuous schedules and dont have very much leeway for their personal lives. Many nurses say that they often have unrealistic expectations from their nursing managers, as well as excessive duplicate documentation they are required to maintain. On top of all that at times a nurse is even given an unsafe patient assignment that could put a nurse in physical harms way.

Even with all the work nurses do have, most feel strongly about what they do, and have a love of the job. Even as such some of the things that many say would lighten the workload is to for one have more nurses on staff. Have a more of a separation between what happens inside the workplace, and what happens outside the workplace. Aleviate the need for so many duplicates of various documentation. Give the nurses more vacation time, or even give them more flexible scheduling.

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