Acceptance is an agreeing either expressly or by conduct to the act or offer of another, to receive willingly, to give admittance or approval to, to not judge first hand. Acceptance can bring out friendliness (#), and beauty (#). Acceptance can give leadership (#) qualities; enhance other values such as individuality, (#) cooperation, (#) and tolerance. (#) Acceptance is a judgment used in everyday life.

What is acceptance and what does it mean to accept something or someone? Can you really learn to accept people for who they are? In truth what we normally expect is to accept someone if they match what we perceive to be correct, yet if you don’t feel or see things the same – you dismiss the other party or become less oriented towards friendly encounters. We perceive with our own eyes and by our understanding causes each individual to make decisions based on material life only. We all like to think that we are the kind of individuals that accepts those for who they are, but in truth most of us are not.

Non acceptance of yourself will be reflected in what you feel for others and deluding yourself into believing that what you are accepting is denying the very fact that you may or may not have a problem within. It is important to see the beauty not only in the world but with others. We all seeded from the same plant at one point in time, we are divine. Lessons that constitute learning is never the same as another person’s, subtle changes can bring around different outcomes.

One of the deepest needs of the human heart is the need to be appreciated. Every human being wants to be valued. This is not to say that everybody wants to be told by others how wonderful he is. No doubt there is that desire, too, but that is not fundamental. We could say that every human being wants to be loved.

We must never judge and learn to accept the lessons that people may be enduring for what we may perceive on the outside is just the first layer of the Onion, much more is going on within and by learning to accept that these lessons may be a necessary evil – the first step to acceptance of ourselves then perhaps extended to others. We must be very observant, and non- judgmental.

Wanting to be accepted is so common and causes such problems for involving persons. Boasting in a subtle or obvious way they provide themselves with the praise they want so badly. It also can alter the choice of the path that you may be on.


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