Applying For A Job

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Applying to Become a Physician
Description of Activity
The area of life that will be described in this essay is the act of applying for a job as a physician. A physician is a person who is legally qualified to practice medicine and is very skilled in the art of healing. There are many steps that need to be accomplished and restrictions that must be met and satisfied before one can apply for a position in the medical field. Schooling is the first step that a person interested in the medical field must complete. In the United States a person must graduate from college with a degree and have taken the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) and passed before being considered to attend medical school. After recieving an undergraduate degree and passing the MCAT one moves onto an entry-level program at a medical school (GMP, GEP). This type of program takes fours years to complete. Another option would be to obtain further training in a particular field, duration in this varies between each different field of study. After four years of medical school one must do a post-graduate program also known as a Residency. A Residency is a one year period of supervised practice before full registration is granted. Before one can go on to their Residency one must acquirer the proper license.
A physician needs to be properly licensed. The first matter of business that must be taken care of before becoming licensed is to pay the fees. The two fees that must be payed in the licensing process are the licensure fee of $735.00 and the limited permit fee of $105.00. These fees are necessary in order to get the physicians license processed and credited. To apply for a license one must abide by a number of requirements. These requirements intail being at least 21 years of age, meet the education examination and experience level requirements, be a Untied States citizen, and be of good moral character. There many other restrictions in the licensing process of becoming a physician that varie among the States. Most states require the same information; yet some states may have different laws and restrictions during that application process. In a situation where someone becomes a licensed Physician in one state and he or she moves to another state, he or she may have to be licensed again to meet the requirements of the state they will soon occupy.
Measure of Controls
The quantity of controls can be burdensome at times. However all rules and regulations are in place to protect the patients and the Physicians. The laws and regulations, if broken, are punishable by the law. If the offence is big enough the Physician can loose their practice, be charged with malpractice, and in some cases the Physician could go to jail. A violation of these controls can only result in injury or harm to both parties. These controls can be frustrating for anyone who wants to go be a Physician. The controls are in place for a good reason and must be followed.
Escaping the Controls
There is no way to escape the regulations that are established for Physicians. One can follow the regulations and be successful or one can break the rules, possibly lose their license, or never become a Physician. There is always a need to see a Physician. If a person wants to be a Physician they must follow each and every Jurdic Control. There is no way to get around the rules and still become a Physician.

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