Attending Professional Sporting Events

Originally Posted Spring 2008

Attending a professional sporting event.

Attending professional sporting events is an area of life that has grown increasingly prevalent in today’s society. Professional sporting events are held most commonly in large stadiums or sports centers, which are located in large cities. Each stadium or center is built for a specific sport such as football, baseball, soccer, hockey, basketball, tennis or volleyball. The stadiums are also built for specific teams, based upon location. For example, Denver’s Invesco stadium is home to the Denver Bronco football team, and therefore the stadium decoration corresponds with Bronco colors and mascot. Events take place in separate seasons depending on the specific sport. Football is a fall-winter sport as are hockey and volleyball, basketball is a winter-spring sport, while baseball, soccer and tennis are summer-fall sports. All people are allowed to attend any event they choose, provided they buy or somehow obtain a ticket for entrance. The desire to attend professional sporting events comes from an interest or passion in a sport, and at times, extreme pride in one’s city/state. The purpose of professional sporting events is mainly entertainment and the desired outcome is to enjoy oneself with family or friends and support professional teams and athletes.
Juridic controls
There are many regulations surrounding the attendance of a professional sporting event. To begin, there are certain things that cannot be brought into an event. The most common items that are not permitted into an event are: any type of weapon or firearm, drugs, alcohol, hard sided coolers, water bottles that have previously been opened, artificial noise makers, oversized umbrellas, laser pointers, and any other item that is deemed unsafe according to the security at the event. Bags of any kind are to be searched before spectators are allowed into the park. If the bag contains any of the items listed above, the item will be confiscated. It is important to note that although alcohol cannot be brought into an event from the outside, it may be bought inside by those who are 21 or over and have valid identification. Also, cameras are allowed at most sporting events; however one must check the rules specific to a stadium to make sure that flashes are permitted. In order to enter any sporting event it is necessary that one have an official ticket. The ticket holder must then sit in the seat that corresponds to the seat listed on the ticket. Once inside and seated, proper conduct is expected. Foul language, fighting, and drunken behavior are grounds for removal from the event. Disobeying any of the regulations can get one thrown out of a sporting event. All rules are listed on signs in and outside of event stadiums and parks. These rules can also be found online if one is to research a specific stadium or park (www.ticketmaster/venue/generalrules).
The burdens associated with the rules of attending professional sporting events are a severe limitation of personal choice and freedom. It seems that there are many limits associated with this certain activity. One must carry the burden of being sure not to pack any of the items that are not permitted, as well as restricting one’s desired behavior. People are not allowed to bring certain foods or drinks (especially alcoholic) into the stadium. Therefor they must carry the burden of purchasing highly over priced food and drink. Although none of these rules inhibit a person from being good as opposed to law-abiding, they do tend to restrict a person’s freedom of choice.
Escaping the Controls
The most effective way to escape the regulations that accompany attending professional sporting events would be through inactivity or withdrawal. If a large enough number of fans was to stop attending games, the regulations of the park may become more lenient. Another option might be a large campaign, or petition against the restrictions that come with attending a professional sporting event. Also one may want to choose a new, similar activity avoiding these particular rules all together. For instance instead of going to watch the sports, one could get a group together in a city park and play their own sport. They could then bring what they want, and behave in any manner. Another way to escape the juridic controls of attending a professional sporting event would be to eliminate certain regulations. Rules that should be changed in particular are: not belong allowed to bring hard sided coolers, previously open water bottles, or one’s own alcohol into an event. These laws should specifically be lifted because they are only limiting one’s personal choices, and are not in place to protect other’s safety as are some of the others.

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