What is its context
Babysitting takes place everywhere; this activity takes place at the parents of the child or children’s house or the babysitters house. If the babysitter baby-sits at the children’s parents house, the babysitter does not need any equipment. If they baby-sit after school all they have to do is follow the children’s parents rules. If they require a certain amount of money then they ask the parents for that amount before they start to baby-sit their children.
When the babysitter is watching the children and the children’s friends are visiting, it can be a challenge and interfere with the babysitter’s job. They have to watch twice as many kids than before and worry about their safety as well. They do not get paid extra when the children have friends over. The babysitter should either ask to get paid more money or they should not allow the children’s friends to come over.
Juridic controls
There are no laws a babysitter has to adhere to if they baby-sit when they get home from school and go to the children’s parents’ house, but they do have rules to follow given by the children’s parents. The parents give the babysitter a list of rules such as: children cannot have candy today, make them finish their homework, give them a snack, help them with their spilling words and make sure they feed the dog. These juridic controls are made known by posting it on a bulletin boards and putting them on a piece of paper to have signed by the babysitter. This allows them to know what is expected of them by the government. These controls are meant to control the children and the babysitters. Having these controls gives the children a little bit of freedom but also keeps them on a “leash” so they wont get hurt doing something that they were not suppose to be doing. These controls also control the babysitter by giving them laws, rules and regulations. According to Greg Tuttle, a staff member from the Billings Gazette Newspaper, issued in July 15, 2003, he stated, “The owners of a Laurel day care accused of giving children cold and allergy medicine that resulted in the death of a 1-year-old boy….”(p1) The two ladies gave medicine to the children to make them less fussy and to put them to sleep. According to the prosecutors, “she threw a plastic dose cup into a sink of water while being questioned at the day care in February.” Since the two owners of the day care gave the children medicine and resulted in the death of a 1-year-old boy, their punishment was going to jail with $100,000 bond, and having their day care shut down.
Qualitative measure of the burdensome
If the children were not listening, a direct action would be to set the kids aside and work out a plan that gives them options on how to fix the problem. For example, the babysitter will ask the children to finish all of their homework and chores when they get home from school, and in return the babysitter will let them play video games or go outside and play. There may be burdens to the parents when it comes to paying the babysitter. The babysitter may not like what the parents are paying her for working. The babysitter and parents should sit down and negotiate a reasonable price range and how much per hour the babysitter should get while working.
Escape such controls
A babysitter would escape such controls by communicating with the other children. The babysitter does something for the children and in exchange the children do something for the babysitter. For example, the babysitter may give the children an extra hour to watch television and in return the children finish all of their homework, complete their chores, and behave. When the babysitter and the children communicate, they both get something in return. The kids get to watch more television and the babysitter gets them to complete their stuff and maybe even gets time to enjoy a little quiet.
There are many areas of life that have burdens caused by juridic controls. Babysitting is one area that such problems occur. They have to follow rules and laws that are a burden to them and their job. If they baby-sit at the children’s parents’ house, they have to follow the parents’ rules and are expected to treat the kids the same way the parents treat them. For example, when the babysitter arrives at the parents’ house the parents leave a list of things that they want the babysitter to do. They have to follow that list or they might not get paid as much or the parents will get frustrated with the babysitter because they did not listen to their instructions. The babysitter and parents might need to discuss the situation and go over options on making the situation better. Having rules and laws may make them feel like they cannot do certain tasks on their own or may make them feel like they are always being watched. The sensation of being watched might make them question if they are doing the right or wrong thing while watching over the children. To escape this feeling the babysitters should not think about being watched over or question themselves. If they enjoy what they do and love watching children, they will not let those thoughts get to them and they will succeed in their job. If they do not enjoy their job and do not like watching children, then they should think about quitting and achieving something that makes them happy.

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