Beauty, is a sense of being **loved** by many, or a way to enhance **pleasure**. In many aspects beauty is nature, a place with an undying sense of honest perception. It is also a sense of **peacefulness** and **love.**

Everything has a need to be wanted and many living organisms fear being alone through life. When the value of beauty is forgotten in a physical aspect those people who are neglected it appears that they or invisible and they go unnoticed to those who actually care.

Everyone has their own opinion of what they think beauty is. It can be seen in the world around us everyday. It’s often described as a scenery, a person, or even a moment. The most common thought of beauty is people. Not looking more into what beauty actually is, but what is physically seen. There is no problem in valuing human beauty. Individuality is another value that can be related to beauty. Being different isn’t a bad thing, it shows that everyone is diverse and has their own beauty about themselves. This value fits into Kant’s overview of The Critique of Judgment. In this he states that, “The key ideas of the former group were (i) the idea of a definite human nature, such that studies of beauty could, within limits, be universal in scope; (ii) the assertion that beautiful objects and our responses to them were essentially involved in sense or feeling, and were not cognitive; (iii) that any 'natural' responses to beauty were generally overlaid by individual and communal experiences, habits and customs” (Kant). Other philosophers like Baumgarten, argued that “all sense perception was merely 'confused' cognition, or cognition by way of sensible images. Thus, although beauty certainly appears to our senses, this by no means demonstrates that beauty is non-cognitive! Beauty, for Baumgarten, has more to do with rational ideas such as harmony, rather than with the physiological” (Kant). Both opinions of beauty are neither right nor wrong, but they do show that there are many ethical theories of what characterizes beauty.

Beauty is seen in many different forms and when it is neglected it leaves an empty feeling inside of people. When someone feels beautiful they often feel happiness and enjoy life. Without beauty there is the problem of feeling ugly and left out. This then brings up the fear of being alone. Loneliness is that empty feeling that is felt when someone is left alone and they know that no one cares. When someone is seen as beautiful they catch the eye of people and are acknowledged. When beauty is ignored that person often feels sad or depressed and like an outcast. This makes them feel worthless and a consequence could be suicide.
When there is no beauty to something or someone then it comes across as uninteresting. Beauty is a type of** individuality** and without beauty there is no **diversity** between people. If god wanted everyone to look and act the same way he would have made them like that. Being able to be an individual is a beautiful thing. Without beauty there is no life in anything. When discussing people and there is no beauty in someone they are considered dull and ugly. People don’t want to get to know someone that has no personality or intellect and is just like everyone else. They yearn for difference in the world and without beauty in our lives everything seems plain.
There is a feeling that comes along with beauty. When thinking about beautiful things like the warmness that flows to someone’s heart when they fall in love or the sight of an amazing scenery when they have to stop and take a picture. Both of these examples are **pleasurable** and bring happiness. When the beauty is gone from certain moments or experiences it feels as if life is gone out of everything. Beauty brings emotion to everything, so can good emotions be felt without beauty? People cannot actually be considered happy without some kind of beauty in their life. Without it they only feel sad, depressed, or insignificant. They feel as if they are empty inside and don’t exist to anyone, not even themselves.
Beauty can often be a symbol of freedom. It allows us to make our own opinions of what we see as beautiful and distinguish those things from the ugly. We are able to make any object seem beautiful by approaching it with a positive frame of mind and finding the true beauty in something. True beauty is often forgotten and without this value in people’s lives how would someone describe something? The people in the world would become blind to the things around them because there is no actual variation setting certain things apart from one another.
There are many different values that set cultures apart. One thing common between all of them is that they all view someone’s physical beauty differently. If beauty is neglected in all cultures then would that make them more similar when looking at physical appearance? When thinking about this question is makes sense to say that there is nothing that would set the people in cultures apart. Without beauty to define the cultural differences it would technically make everyone in every part of the world the same.

To have that physical beauty, people need to be happy and healthy. Make an effort to not follow what the media or what anybody says about beauty. Being unique is what makes something beautiful and allows us to appreciate its value. Find a relationship between anything that takes away the fear of being alone. People should experience moments that give them pleasure and allow them to feel emotions so that they not only see the beauty in something, but they are able to sense the beauty in something grander in life. All these emotions can be felt when applied in life’s many adventures. Finding the beauty in everything and everyone lies within one’s self, one’s total perception .

In order for people to be happy and healthy with their lives they should eat right, get plenty of sleep and exercise. Doing this puts people in a good mood and they will find themselves smiling more and others will notice that they enjoy their life. Be different then everyone else by not following the crowd and make yourself an individual. People should live their lives how they want to and not let anyone else affect them. Do things that give them pleasure and bring out emotions. They should feel beautiful about themselves and not try to hide behind beauty, but embrace the true beauty inside and out. One important thing to remember is to be optimistic about life and that will bring out the beauty in it.

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