Everyone belongs to something. It may be a family, a group of friends, or a particular group of co-workers. Belonging can be either by physical means, such as the family that you are born into, or by a common bond, such as being a part of a religious or recreational group. People are eager to gain the acceptance(#) of others, feel [[loved]](#) for who they are, feel compassion(#) for and from others, and decrease the boredom(#) in their lives. They also wish to have a sense of a family(#), and friendship(#).

We all belong to these micro worlds and have micro identities. Our actions change when we are around different groups of people. No matter how different we act in these micro worlds, we all still belong to a variety of them. -Varela

Coming to college in Billings is much different than living in Western Washington. Of course there is an instant need to belong to some type of group and gain the friendships that I have so recently left behind. The sense of belonging comes when a person puts themselves out into the world for others to judge. With many different inert qualities, it is sometimes hard for particular people to open themselves up to new situations; I am one of those people. Opening up to new people was never a strong suit of mine, but I like to push myself to try to do more. This may be part of the reason that I chose a school that is two states away from my entire family. I have always felt as though I belonged to my family. There is an emotional connection there that will never be found with anyone else. I know that I do and always willbelong to my family. I will always be part of the Montana State University-Billings student body, at least in some way. These groups that we belong to change over the years, but there is always some way in which you are connected to that group. Each group has their own ideas, and as a person grows up, so do their ideas and chosen paths in life. Belonging to a group will influence the decisions one makes throughout the rest of their life.

Enjoy life, and the groups will come to you, so that you may feel that you belong. Put yourself in many different situations, even some that may seem foreign and uncomfortable to you at first. There might be other people out there that are trying this for the first time, and you may also find that you have a lot in common with these people.


In order to find a place in which you belong, participate* in many different activities, try new adventures, Share(#) skills with other people, cooperate(#) with people, you never know when you might need their help again. Be open to new things, and you will find your niche. There is always a group of people that you will always belong to and that is your family, whether you believe it or not.

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