The state of boredom arises from the frequent exposure or indulgence. People are considered bored by they are weary by being dull, repetitive, or tedious.

Life is a collection of moments that involve many different elements. These collections can be broken up into periods of action and no action. Boredom is the term we use to define the period of time when we do not have anything to do or do not want to do anything. This time is void of desirable options and the only thought we have is to fill it.

In society and perhaps American society in general the main train of thought is that if you are not busy, than you are lazy or something is wrong and it is your fault. There is a push towards constant movement and action. To be successful you have to follow certain basic rules in most places. To move up the social ladder you must sacrifice and devote yourself to your work. When there is so much time focused on work and work related activities, there is little time for anything else. When time is also focused on personal needs and responsibilities, there is barely anytime for anything else that is not fairly necessary. If there happens to be a moment that is not taken by another activity, we have many devises to occupy our attention until that moment passes like video games, cell phones, mp3 players, and literature.

Something like boredom is seen as negative. Even when we were young the thought of boredom was unwanted. This is something that all of us experience at some point in our lives. We are trained to avoid boredom and occupy ourselves at all times to avoid the experience of having to deal with moments of boredom.

Why is the state of boredom bad? No one enjoys being bored, but why is that the case? We have this idea that has come from some area of society that has labeled something that neither bad or good as bad.

Boredom is a very essential part of life. Freedom allows us to experience this in our everyday life. Because we are not bound to a duty for the entire time of our lives, we are allowed to experience times of complete nothingness. Without this blank space of time, we might not have time for art, literature, philosophy, science, or even love. This most basic of human emotions is paramount to allow us to think within ourselves, think about ourselves, and think for ourselves. The most obvious answer to boredom is found through creativity. Boredom is a motivating force that propels us to create or find methods or cures for our feelings of mundane existence. Because of this sequence of events that really is bound to happen, other people have developed pre made cures for the paying crowds. These cures are now dominated by electronic devices but even when they were just board games, they allowed us to fulfill our boredom emotion with entertainment. Instead of just consuming a prepackaged form of entertainment, one could try to embrace boredom as a kind of basement for creativity(#) and with that see what answers could arise.


We need to break away from the chains of normality and obedience(#) and play(#) with the idea of boredom as a source of creativity(#). The simplicity(#) of boredom is something that is often over looked and this should not happen. By understanding what boredom is and how to channel the energy into productivity through creativity(#), people can gain a sense of truth(#) and wisdom(#) that few others experience. Or one could simply follow the already paved path of entertainment that was designed to eliminate boredom.

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