The act of displaying physical or mental courage is known as bravery. It may encompass a physical and mental value such as strength (#), an action including protecting the weak (#), standing up for a belief as in conservation (#), and even a duty (#) or obligation.


People hold their own unique beliefs on various issues. In fact, most anyone can come up with an idea. Standing up for what you believe in, however, can prove to be a daunting task. Defending our beliefs or the beliefs of others exemplifies the true essence of bravery.

Most organizations become organizations because either a group or individual decided to put a plan into action. The fact is, anyone can generate an idea without much thought. Trying to convince others that that particular idea is beneficial requires bravery. A brave individual will defend his or her ideals or the ideals of others without fear of rejection by society. He or she strongly believes in their cause even when battled by opposition. Brave individuals will also journey into the "unknown", be it the wilderness or anywhere a human can venture without apprehension because this value represents what is important in their lives.

Individual bravery can exist nearly anywhere and can be found within the community of Billings. Everyday police officers and fire fighters demonstrate their bravery to the community by detering crime and accidents. For example, police officers recently detained a man on suspicion of his ninth driving-under-the-influence charge in South Billings ( These courageous individuals ensure that we can live our individual lives without interference and possible harm by other individuals. The law enforcement programs of Billings also incorporate a neighborhood watch program called "USA on Watch". This program empowers individuals by allowing them to play an active role in preventing suspicious activity within the community ( The act of reporting criminal activity to law enforcement cannot be achieved without demonstrating bravery because it requires one to stand up for what they believe in, in this case keeping Billings safe from criminal activity.

Bravery by groups is also common within the community of Billings. Many groups start from the "ground up" as grassrooots organizations to defend a cause that they feel strongly about. One such organization that originated in Billings is BikeNet. "BikeNet is a non-profit, 501c3, grass-roots organization that supports urban trails in and around the Billings community. We are people like you that want to create a better place to live. We are individuals, families, and businesses that join BikeNet to increase awareness for trails in our community, raise money to use as matching funds for trails, or simply go out and enjoy them. ENJOY the Trail System! Spread the word … tell your family and friends to help us help trails! (" This organization understands that there are individuals in the community who do not share the same ideals that they do regarding trails. They took initiative and action by organizing and they promoted their ideals regardless of what others thought. In defending their beliefs, BikeNet has demonstrated bravery in the act of pursuing their goals and aspirations.

Embark on a bold initiative by demonstrating bravery in your everyday life. Defend your beliefs and fight for your feelings even if others disagree. Who has the right to determine right and wrong? The answer may not be so clear. But, after developing a brave lifestyle, you might gain the ability to live a fuller life that is free of fear and apprehension.



In order to carry out brave efforts, exemplify the value of hard work (#). Broaden your horizons by sharing (#) ideas with others. This could potentially create camaraderie with others leading to the formation of a group, or the notion that bigger is better (#). Group formation leads to cooperation (#) among individuals and organizations.


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