Career is best defined as a profession for which one trains and which is undertaken as a permanent calling. Many people choose a career based on passion(#) for their field of work. Others may chose a career based on wealth(#). One may have a career as a doctor, teacher, or a plumber for example.
Many people today train for a certain career and end up settling for a different one due to unavailability of jobs within their direct field of training. Due to lack of higher education and comfort in current minimum wage positions, many others never even train for a career and settle for low paying retail and restaurant jobs.
Many students attend college to obtain training for careers. After graduation, there are only so many jobs available in that area of study, which leaves many graduates to settle for lower paying jobs which do not pertain to their area of expertise at all. Some are unwilling to move to other cities, states, or even countries which may add to the job finding problem. Other people do not finish high school which makes it harder to enter a career training program unless he or she obtains a G.E.D. The longer a person puts off getting a high school diploma or G.E.D, the more chances increase that he or she will not train for a career at all, but instead stay in a lower paying job which does not challenge the individual’s full potential.
Companies should be more motivating towards workers who wish to work for them by offering more apprenticeship programs for workers with no high school degrees. Companies should also offer rewards for workers who are willing to move to a new location to work for them. Colleges and Universities should stress the importance of working in related fields to gain experience if a job in the direct field is difficult to find. The importance of career should also be emphasized in high schools by introducing careers through vocational programs.

In order for one to value his or her career, he or she must be passionate(#) about it since their entire life will be devoted to this certain field. He or she must also demonstrate hard work(#), integrity(#), and leadership(#) in order to show his or her employer that they value their career enough to keep it.

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