Charity is the provision of help or relief (#) to the poor, or giving something to help the needy. There are many institutions, organizations , and funds that help the poverty stricken not only in third world countries but also here in the united states. Many people world wide desperately depend on the generosity(#) of others for day to day survival.
Food and shelter are basic needs of life. For many people around the world, their basic needs are not met for a variety of reasons. It is a widespread belief that extreme poverty and starvation is only a problem in developing countries, or that people in need of charity are simply lazy and should be able to provide for themselves.

America is considered to be the greatest country on the planet yet, over 25 million Americans receive emergency food assistance every year. If this is true for the “greatest” country, imagine the need in the not so privileged areas of the world.

Some people choose to take action to help rather than walk away from the overwhelming needs of others. They understand there is a need and they choose to do something about it. They give without expecting anything in return. Others choose to understand there is a need but do nothing, or choose to walk away, and ignore the fact that they could do very little and make a huge difference.

There are many forms of charity. One can simply donate their unwanted clothing and household items to an organization that will either give them to people or families in need. Other organizations will sell them at a discounted price in establishments that are open to the public. Some choose to join organizations that travel to areas of known poverty and provide food, clothing, medical care, and education. Most cannot afford the time and expense to travel for charitable purposes, so they donate money or supplies to the organizations that provide the necessities for poor.

There are many organizations that provide services, money, and supplies. Some organizations are specific to certain areas of the world, or what they may provide. Rescue missions provide food and shelter at their facilities for the homeless in America. Christians Children’s Fund is a non governmental organization that provides early childhood development, education, sustainable livelihoods, health and sanitation, nutrition, and emergency and disaster relief all over the world ( Feeding America provides food, and disaster relief to all 50 states, the District of Colombia, and Puerto Rico (
Ensure that you do your part to contribute to organizations, or individuals in need of charity if you are able. Look for ways to help those in need, and support those who cannot support themselves. Do this through a donation of youf time, money, or any way you see fit.

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