Musical Instrument Sales

1.(Jake) There are a handfull of music instrument stores yet they all seem to have a niche market here in Billings. Here are a few I went to (or the ones that represent the largest amount of commerce):

Eckroth Music

Eckroth Music has been in Billings over twenty years. There main source of income is K-12 band/orchestra rentals. They have student models through professional models. They repair instruments too. Everything from woodwinds, brass, guitars, pianos, drums/percussion, even some hard to find instruments (i.e. bagpipes, tribal drums, etc.) While they do not staff professional musicians to give lessons they can refer you to people who do.

Hansen Music

Hansen Music has been in Billings for over fourty years. Their main buisness is selling pro-audio equipment to mega-churches. But they are diverse in that they sell and repair electric guitars, acoustic guitars, madolins, banjos, basses, amps, heads, pa systems, keyboards, drums/percussion, and sheet music. Have a couple of percussionists who give lessons, as well as banjo lessons.

Kirk House of Music

Kirk House of music has two stores in the US. They cater mostly to the classical instrument clientele. Violins, violas, chellos, and basses (by order only). They are uniqe in the fact that their shop is mostly comprised of individual spaces dedicated to lessons. There were at least four practice rooms (that I could see). There instruments ranged from beginner models, all the way up to priceless professional models.

Ticket sales

Rimrock Auto Arena(trent)

Rimrock auto arena is Billings largest event venue and brings in the More nationally known bands to the Billings area. Tickets for concerts at this venue usually range from 25$ to 150$ pending the seat and artist performing. The Genres of music performed here generally range from Hair rock to modern rock/ metal to country music. It has housed bands ranging from Def Leppard and ozzy ozbourne, to country stars Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood, to new rock? metal bands including Avenged Sevenfold, Buckcherry, and Nickelback. This arena has ten thousand seat available, generally is less for a concert, and usually comes very close to selling out if not going all the way.

Shrine Audotorium

The Shrine audotorium Generally houses nationally known bands that are not quite as well known as the bands playing at metra park. Tickets here range usually from about 15 dollars to 30 dollars. it holds a couple thousand for a sell out crowd and generally does not reach that sell out point. Bands that have played here ranged from metal to country to rap, featuring Bullet for my valentine, drop kick murphys, keith urban, and Tech nine.

Bones Brewery

This houses not very well known bands, generally local, but has housed Motion city soundtrack probably the most well known out of them all. The tickets for that concert were 20$, usual tickets for events and this venue are 5 to 10 dollars. A sellout crowd is considerably less than Billings primary event venues listed above.

Yellowstone Perk

This is a very small venue and houses local High school and middle school bands. tickets are usually 5 to ten dollars. Its maximum capacity is very very low and generally does not get very many people.


It houses local bands and statewide bands and occasionaly bands form other states that are trying to make a name for themselves. The ticket prices are usually from 5 to 20 dollars. Its capacity is not as much as the top two concert venues in Billings mt.

++++Jade Presents
This is a Company out of Fargo N.D. They bring alot of the big rock bands to billings mt. They purchase talent and promote national acts for the Billings area, and have produced many concerts to hit billings in the past couple years.

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The billings symphony produces some free concerts to the Billings area.

e bands.+++ More to come!!

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