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A commitment, whether it is in a marriage, a business partnership, school, or in many other aspects of life is a big word for these who truly believe in it’s meaning. Commitment enhances friendship with people who commit to helping in a time of need (#), family, people who either by blood or marriage commit to taking care of another person (#), and hard work to bring about a change or view (#).

People use commitment to pledge themselves to doing something. These pledges show other people that a person is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. These pledges, if not followed or made, will ensure that nothing gets done. Whether for good or bad, commitment is an essential part of everyday life.

I once had a friend whose parents faced many issues that questioned the importance of commitment. The father was abusive to the mother but not to the children. The mother stayed in the marriage for the sake of her children, believing that if her kids were unharmed, it would be better to remain committed to the relationship. This would allow her kids to have their father in their lives without creating a broken home. As the kids grew up, they realized what the mother was sacrificing. The family realized that commitment without the right reasons is not always good.
Commitment however, is more often a good thing than bad. People in society who commit to helping each other get things done and promoting the concepts of humanity and responsibility. Commitment to an employer ensures that an individual will be at work everyday and when family member needs help, someone is there for them because of it. In these cases as well as others, society needs commitment. Without commitment, society would have numerous problems with no one to address them and people would be forced to address their problems alone. Thankfully, surrounding us today are countless amounts of people who are willing to commit.
My grandparents have been happily married for more than fifty years. Together they have committed themselves to one another for so many years while still committing to other aspects in each of their lives. They have committed themselves to working hard for different companies in exchange for a paycheck. With this paycheck they have turned around and committed themselves to paying bills, helping to support their family as well as themselves.
Like my grandparents, many others share this type of commitment in many aspects of their life. With the money earned from hard working my grandparents were able to pay bills to the companies that they are contracted with. They pay the companies, the companies do there serves. These services are gas, power, pluming just to name a few. In addition, each of these companies individually commit themselves to providing a quality service.
Commitment is the promise that we make to do what is right. Without conscious effort however, commitment is only a word. It is our job as individuals, to recognize our own commitments and do our best to better society as a whole. Commitment is the promise to help that person standing on the side of the road who is unable to find a job. It is the pledge to be there for anyone in need and stand by the promises we make. Together, with commitment we can make the world a better place!

As a society, we should commit ourselves as a whole for the common welfare of the community we exist in. Without these commitments, we would not be able to exist as a community. For this reason, commitment is absolutely essential to our lives.

Commitment is needed to ensure people feel loved, people are taken care of, that people find someone that they love; commitment is something that overall everyone needs. People need to cooperate (#) with each other to better one another. Need to have honesty (#) with whom you want to commit to and hope for the same back. Also people should have an understanding of what commitment means to them (#). A person must understand that commitment is a huge responsibility and has a huge affect on people.

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