Community Spirit

Community spirit increases belonging and acceptance. It promotes cooperation, friendship, and participation. Our lives are more enjoyable when we are included in the community. This value decrease prejudice and seclusion. It’s benefits are easy to see.

There are signs that community spirit has been forgotten. Many people have little motivation to meet new people. We drive our own cars instead of carpooling. Our lives are busy. We tend to forget that taking the time to be around other people, not only benefits them, but us too.

As a result of the importance of this value to the smooth functioning of society, we feel that it is necessary to try to establish and further the value of community spirit in our own community. The following proposal is one possible method for promotion of the value of community spirit.


A six week community festival will take place during the months of May and June. The festival will be called Community Countdown to Billings Blastoff. Weeks 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 will each have a specific theme devoted to them and a community gathering that will correspond with the theme on either Friday or Saturday night at the end of each week. The themed weeks are described below. The sixth week, the first week of June, will not have a theme but will have a festival on Saturday night at MetraPark called Billings Blastoff. This event is also explained below.

Flag Week:
Week 5: April 28-May 3

Sports and Health Madness:
Week 4: May 5-10

The aim of this event is to educate everyone on their health and learn valuable health information. We need to take Charge of our personal health in order to live a long and healthy life.

The festival will start at 8:00 at Wendy's Field with a marathon run around Billings. At 10:00 the festival starts and is open to the public. Donations are welcome, they will go towards the Ronald McDonald Mobile that helps low income families with basic health care. The event allows individuals to learn and become apart of the local health programs and services offered in Billings. Information from the professionals will range from fire, water and bike safety to dental health care and nutrition. There will be essential health screens available along with a blood drive. For the kids there are relay games, blow-up jumpers and sports games to participate in. This is to encourage children that it is fun to be active. The Billings Mustangs, Bulls and Outlaws will be there to give tips to kids to improve their game. There will be a raffle to win gym memberships and season tickets to the Mustangs, Bulls and Outlaws.

Jeans Jam:
Week 3: May 12-17

Character Craze Week:
Week 2: May 19-24

The Saturday festival is at the Billings Metra. Activies include book readings for kids, puppet show, and movies at the drive in movie theater. There is also a best dress contest. Dress as your favorite character from books or movies. Bring your favorite movie or book. This week, donations will go to local librarys and schools.

Music Mania Week:
Week 1: May 26-31

Throughout the week community members will be encouraged to listen to a variety of types of music, not just the same types that they usually play. Business will play music of different genres instead of "elevator music". In schools, an emphasis will be placed on the importance of music to the learning process.

The festival for the week will be on Friday night from 5:30 pm to midnight on 3rd Avenue N between N 32nd and N 27th. NO admission or other costs will be charged. There will be musical performances by local groups including the Rimrock Opera Company, Billings Symphony, local high school choirs, and a surprise famous guest. A street dance will take place starting at 7:00 pm with ballroom, Latin, swing, and country line dancing. For the elderly, there will be a polka party with a local accordian band. A live DJ will take requests. An instrument petting zoo with a wide variety of instruments will allow children to try out a few that they might be interested in playing someday. Snacks and beverages will be provided by local sponsors.

Billings Blastoff:
Saturday, June 7

This festival will be the largest of all to end the Community Countdown. It will be held at MetraPark Fairgrounds in order to accomodate as many community members as possible.

Food will be provided by local food service companies and businesses. Coke will sponsor all beverages for this event.

Throughout the evening, a wide variety of entertainment will be available. Comedy acts, a hypnotist act, musical perfomances, Inflatables toys, a dunking booth featuring local news broadcasters, a mini carnival for the kids, a live broadcast by a local DJ, and much more will contribute to the fun and excitement.

Upon entering the gates, each guest will receive on raffle ticket to participate in the Moon Rock Raffle. Additional tickets will aslo be available to purchase. Many small prizes donated byllocal businesses will be given away throughout the evening and a Grand Prize Drawing will occur at the end of the night. The Grand Prizes are a Pontiac Grand Prix, a 5 day/4 night vacation for two to Las Vegas, and a family season pass to Big Splash Water Park.

Immediately after dark, a The Big Bang Fireworks Spectacular will be put on by Pyro FX, a company that specializes in coordinating quality fireworks displays.


Since the purpose of this event is to promote community spirit, all funds and other necessary items will be donated by local sponsors. The police force, fire department, ambulance crew, and security personnel will all donate their time to the cause. In order to pormote this event and make it a success, advertisement is critical and is the only item not completely donated. A sample budget follows:

Advertising Budget

Type Price Per Unit Total Unit
Billboard (5) $880 $4400
Banner (vinyl) (10) $90 $900
Radio donated N/A
Flyers (10,000 in color) $0.49 $4900
TV donated N/A
Total N/A $10,200
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