An emotion that allows a deep awareness and sympathy for another beings suffering. One of the few things we can practice in our daily lives to incorporate love and kindness(#) that may bring short and long term happiness (2) to others, but also bring importance to our society as a whole.


When people fail to exert compassion the world suffers. In our society, there is a growing problem of self-centeredness, an everyone-for-themselves attitude. This attitude is being created by our feeling of pity towards others, while we neglect empathy and compassion to help solve the problem.

One must first learn to develop empathy before compassion, for which compassion essentially arises through empathy. It can be very easy to find yourself in a state of self centeredness. It is often characterized through one’s actions. The golden rule is

The Dalai Lama said, “If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.” We all usually have feelings about these people whether they are on our streets or on the street of a third world country. So why not try to substitute one negative feeling toward them such as pity, for a positive feeling such as compassion through reaching out and doing what you can.

This will bring not only short term gratification, but long term gratification as well that will bring lasting happiness, something we are all striving for. The benefits can be spiritual and emotional. This would make the world better for the whole. We are fortunate to have some people like this in our society, but it is not their responsibly to pick up our slack and try to make the world better for all of us without help. If every one person could practice compassion for another then it would be a step forward, with an ultimate goal of it becoming second nature.

People of religion and people of this world should practice the use of compassion every day. Without charities, religions, good people there would be no compassion, no empathy, no golden rule, we would live seemingly uncivilized.

By taking a step back and making the action to reach out and help another in a time of suffering, by allowing yourself to practice compassion, people will be able to help those in need to live better lives and bring a more meaningful opportunity to others. Compassion is considered in all the major religious traditions as among the greatest of virtues. The very root of compassion is to reach out the hand, and want to relieve ones suffering. With constant practice this feeling can grow and be supported.



In order to carry out compassion, one needs to elaborate on empathy(#). We need to be taught not how to show pity, but how to show heartstrings, happiness(#) sympathy, tenderness, and mercy for another through compassion. These efforts will allow a more integrated, more woven society than can be shared and enjoyed.


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