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Creativity is very important to the ethics of a community. It creates opportunities for fundraisers and general happiness(#) throughout the community. When people go to the Yellowstone Brewing Co. in downtown Billings and listen to the music, it creates an atmosphere of community(#). Everyone there enjoys the music, and all together they applaud the musicians for their creative effort. When these same people see the painted horses on the street, they appreciate the artists attempt to do something helpful and beautiful(#) for the community.


Without creativity the world would be dull and unhappy. People work together to support and create a more creative atmosphere for everyone, including the people that don’t realize the importance of this value in a community.

The people of Billings have taken creativity seriously and made it a way to fundraise and create happiness. The “Horse Of Course!” project was used to raise money for the Northern Pacific Railway Depot. This project also brought tourists into downtown Billings. People from all over came to see the horses, and they made it a point to see them all! This meant that they also shopped while admiring the artists beautiful work. Some of these artists put in over 300 hours of work on these horses. This shows just how important this was for them to show their creativity to the people of Billings. They put so much meaning and thought into every part of creating these pieces of artwork.

Just having these horses around Billings brought many people into the museums to see more artwork. It sparked something in them and they wanted more. Without creativity our world would be boring. Businesses would not be successful if they were not creative with their products. If everything was alike, then people would get bored and there would be nothing new to buy or experience. This would be a huge problem for our economy and our general state of sanity. Creativity can be almost anything. For example, it can be the decorations in a store window that entice people to come inside and buy something. It could be a person singing on the sidewalk or painting it. Creativity can be shown in so many ways, but people just have to open their eyes to see it.

The dictionary defines creativity as, having the ability or power to create. Create is defined as, “characterized by originality and expressiveness; imaginative“. This tells me that creativity can be characterized in many different activities. Writing books, singing songs, painting pictures, writing songs, writing poems, decorating homes, decorating stores, and even cooking a meal are all types of creativity.

On Wednesday nights, the Yellowstone Brewing Co. has a night called Wannabe Unplugged Wednesday. This is a night where people can bring their instruments and play or sing. This is a promotion for creativity. The people there are so supportive of one another. The artists that get up on that stage are leaving a part of themselves, a part of their heart and their soul. It is an amazing thing for them to be so brave as to share something so personal with their community. This is a characteristic of a great community. Without creativity society would still remain but it just wouldn’t be worth living in.

We value creativity because it brings joy and happiness into our lives. Inventors are some of the most creative people there are. Without them we would not have electricity, vehicles, airplanes, etc. I could go on and on with that list. Creativity is a form of self expression. People all over the world use it everyday without knowing it and some people make it a point to include it in their lives.

People should get involved in something creative for their community to promote a happier environment. Do something positive with creativity and it will have a meaningful effect on the community. Draw something, sing something, but make sure you share!


This value of creativity(#) is very important to most people. There are many values that include creativity like community sprit(#), beauty(#), diversity(#), happiness(#), joyfulness(#), love of place(#), local pride(#), pleasure(#), and the list goes on and on. Creativity makes people happy and joyful(#). It can promote local pride(#) as did the “Horse Of Course!” project. Creativity(#) can cause you to love a place, it can bring beauty(#) to your life and create community spirit(#).

There are few things that might conflict with this value. People who value conformity might not be into creativity because that means they will have to step off of their well beaten path sometimes. Also, people who value obedience might conflict with someone who is creative. However, these are few compared to those who are creative and appreciate creativity.

The Conflict:

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