Diversity is an essential aspect of the comunity today, lots of people have found that having a diverse community in either work, school or other places, can really increase one's performance.


The definition of diversity is something that has changed a lot over the years. It encompasses the acceptance and the respect of all the people that you may encounter. Every person is unique in lots of ways; these differences can encompass anything from race, to ethnicity, gender, status, age, sexual orientation, religious and political beliefs, among other areas.

Society has made diversity a great characteristic of communities. Diversity gives foot to different opinions and in some cases it could induce some conflicts as well. It is in this cases where we have to show how mature we are and understand that the way that we treat someone can be the way that other people treat us.

Diversity is a value that has been lost over the years, and ironically it’s also something that has had a stronger presence all around the world. Our community has become more diverse as the times go by, especially since people have moved from one country to another and made a life there. Toleration has become a value that has been proved to be one of the most important to deal with. To tolerate someone means to accept them how they are and do not judge them by how they could be.

A country like the United States is a place where this value can be more examined. People all around the world have seen lots of opportunities in moving there, which has made the United States an incredibly diverse country. Certain hotspots have been identified where these diversities can be observed more clearly. In the United States, these hotspots would be mainly in the southern cities, an example of this can be Miami, having and incredibly large Cuban community, or in Los Angeles, where the largest Mexican community can be found in the U.S.

How to become a more diversity-tolerant person:

• Have an open mind
• Understand that every person is unique
• Be curious about other cultures
• Avoid prejudices
• Listen to what the others have to say
• Accept other people’s ideas



Diversity charactetrizes the whole world and is needed to make the world a whole.

The Conflict:

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