People go to bars to get drunk and have fun. It is pleasurable(#), to be drunk.


People Get Drunk to feel good about themselves and because it makes them friendlier.

People enjoy getting drinking because it is a social activity that most adults participate in. Some of the factors that determine how much alcohol it takes to get certain individuals drunk are: height, weight, age, gender, use of medications and drinking experience. With slight drunkenness alcohol acts as a stimulant but at high levels becomes a depressant. In the United States the legal age to consume alcohol is 21 but many college and high school students drink before that age. You don’t need to binge drink or become an alcoholic to drink occasionally and responsibly and have a good time.

Drunkenness puts money back into local businesses by supporting local bar, gas station, grocery store and liquor store owners. Plus in Montana there is a $4.30 tax on every 31 gallons of beer sold and 16% tax of the retail price of liquor sold, all of that money goes right back into the community, there is also a 10% tax on liquor licenses.

The International center for alcohol policies says, “Drunkenness is not a drinking pattern but the outcome of certain patterns that involve the consumption of substantial amounts of alcohol in a brief period of time. Because it is associated with a broad range of social and health problems, both acute and chronic, drunkenness represents a public health and public order issue. Harm reduction approaches around reducing drunkenness and its outcomes are important prevention and policy measures. Drunkenness is a behavior found across cultures and geographic borders. In most cultures, however, drunkenness, especially public drunkenness, is generally viewed as a negative behavior.”

Parent should teach their children how to drink when they are of legal age so they can go out get drunk and have a good time but know not to overdo it or to drive.


  • DRINK more alcohol than your body can handle
  • GO TO BARS and go regularly
  • TAKE SHOTS they will get you drunk faster than beer or mixed drinks
  • DON’T EAT BEFORE YOU DRINK you will get drunker without food in your belly
  • PLAY DRINKING GAMES you will drink faster


In order to participate (#) in drunkenness drink but drink responsively (#). Show local pride (#) but drinking at local bars and buy alcohol at local businesses. If you do this you will get lots of pleasure (#) out of drinking.


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