Efficiency is the act of accomplishing a job with minimum expenditure of time and effort. Efficiency is affected by and can be attained through commitment, focus, hard work and responsibility.

Efficiency is using time management, ability and hard work to be as productive as possible. If we are not efficient in the things we do, can we do anything truly well?

Efficiency is something that is expected of people in most, if not all, of the things we do. We take on task, are assigned duties and are expected to do them to the best of our ability. Sometimes we find it easy to be efficient in the things we do, to dive in and really do them well. Other times it can be more of a challenge. If we are not motivated to do the tasks we are performing, they tend to require more effort. Efficiency is a symbol of not only the time and energy we put into accomplishing a task, but a representation of the extent of our ability and the effort we are willing to invest in carrying out our responsibilities.

Efficiency is associated with many different subjects we encounter. We talk about being energy efficient, material efficient, or business efficient. Although these things are all very different, the same ideas of efficiency apply to them all. The goal of efficiency in each of these cases is to utilize resources to the greatest extent, to use time provided to be productive, and to excel, grow, and build upon what is being worked on. People who are associated with a business or corporation often strive to be efficient in their work. They do this to benefit both themselves and their employer.

Why do we need to be efficient? When people are efficient in the things they do, often times they are in the position to excel. Students who excel in school, people who get promoted at work, or first string athletes are some examples of people who invest time and effort into what they are doing to do it well. They do this to get to where they want to be. All people have a passion or natural ability that may assist them in doing things well, but there remains an aspect of efficiency that comes only from the effort they choose to invest into the given task. This is why some people maintain a plateau of progress in what they do, because they have no desire to excel anymore in their position.

Would true or complete efficiency be getting to a place where improvement is impossible? No, efficiency is about doing things well and to the best of your ability. In some cases that may lead to perfection, but often times there is still room for improvement. If someone completed a task after utilizing their time well and did it the best they can, even if it is not perfect, they were still efficient in getting the job done.

In order to be efficient in the things we do, we must apply ourselves and invest in the task at hand, even if it is something we do not enjoy doing.


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