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To have empathy, there must be a sense of understanding (#), helping the innocent and powerless (#), friendliness/friendship (#), and an overall goodness (#).

There are problems in this world that many people can and cannot control. We need to work on the problems that people can control by having empathy to think of others above ourselves.

With all the problems in the world, ranging from natural disasters to the civil wars that are still plaguing countries today, if we as people of this world just ignore everyone’s problems, what happens when their problems get to close to home? Instead of worrying about one’s self, should not everyone be thinking about loyalty (#) to each other?

Yes, we are different countries and yes we do live very different lives. That is looking at the world with a very narrow view; we all share this world just the same. We may give loyalty to different flags and different opinions but if we do not consider us all a part of one world, instead of different countries, what could happen?

Thinking and having empathy for everyone will bring happiness (#) to all parts of the world. Giving a gift like that to, make the world a better place is immeasurable. There will always be people that try to do things their own way and they will have their followers, but if people came together not under one flag, or one name, but if they came together as one world. Under one union, we can call it; the movement toward change that would make the world as one whole.

Instead of having pity for people, have empathy. Instead of thinking “how sad that is for them”, we need to ask what we can do. Why be the ones that look from the outside in when you can be the one that looks them in the eye. Having empathy, is not feeling sorry for someone, but it is as if having understanding (#) and compassion (#) for them.

There are people that do make a difference in the world, but to think that those people are taking care of a human responsibility (#) for all of us, is not right. Not enough people are making the change to make life better. Making life better for those around, is that not making the doers’ life better also? If someone is putting their efforts out to help someone when they are down and in a rough spot in their life, who’s to say that maybe one day that person too will be in a tight pinch.

As people of this world, the only one we have, it should be our duty to make sure that life all around is going as smoothly as possible. Without empathy in our world where would the world be? There are programs, charities, and companies that do a great deal for making change. This is a step in the right direction.

By starting to make a change in daily activities and possibly looking for something to get active in is a way to start the motion. By allowing yourself to be empathetic, people will be able to relate to others more and will also be able to help them better their lives and make it more meaningful. Also, by making sure the programs and charities that help people who are in need of it are funded and well backed financially, this will ensure the future has help.


To ensure the world of empathy people must also be helping the self-destructive (#), they must be able to share (#) their knowledge (#) and life (#). Also, by having generosity (#) people will be able to leave their mark (#) on the lives of others and the world.

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