Possessing the energy to act autonomously can be quite pleasurable (#) in the sense that you have the drive to do what you want. A human's personal energy is a large part of what defines the person, which gives them a sense of individuality (#).


Energy is quite static and varies directly with the amount of interest a person has for the subject at hand. What happens when we lose interest in important aspects of life? We lose the energy that goes along with that certain aspect. There is a kind of pseudo-energy that many take up when they lose true interest of the subject.

In classrooms, teachers use various methods to capture and maintain their students’ interest. Throughout elementary school, coloring is often used to get the students interested in a subject or idea that is trying to be taught. With the exception of a few rebellious students, most of them enjoy the learning process using this complementary learning tool. An interest in the subject sparks the energy that the student applies to the project. Coloring is not the only tool that helps elementary students bring energy to their work; singing, dancing and crafting all motivate students to learn.

After elementary school, it seems teachers resort to monotonous ways of teaching. School in a sense loses its "fun". The argument of "school is not meant to be fun" is brought up frequently and is a valid point, but why can't junior high, high school and college somehow be made more fun and interesting?

While I'm not denying the effectiveness of the current ways of teaching, I am saying that the student's source of energy is different than the student's actual interest. It is the interest of getting good grades and pleasing their parents. I tend to believe this is a less rewarding and efficient type of learning process for the student. .

When setting out to accomplish something, try to base your purpose on an instrinsic motivation rather than an extrinsic motivation.


  • SET realistic goals.
  • UNDERSTAND what is really motivating you
  • LET go some of your extrinsic driven motivations.
  • FIND intrinsic value in your life.


While it is not possible to base all actions on an intrinsic value this day and age, it is possible to morph a few of these existing pseudo-energized motivations. Finding intrinsic value in something will bring a much more efficient way of doing a certain task. The commitment (#) that a person makes can often be unstable when they are motivated extrinsically. The knowledge (#) and wisdom (#) of a subject is often overlooked and lost when doing something for an extrinsic purpose.

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