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To accomplish equality within the community, honesty and happiness are crucial . Honesty is needed because people need to be truthful to themselves and others if they want to gain any common ground. Happiness is also needed because individuals need to be satisfied about any decisions that are made by other people.

If equality is neglected by citizens, it will eventually lead to individuals patronizing others. Communities should emphasize equality to:reduce or eliminate racial tensions and reduce feelings of superiority or inferiority.put equality into action because if nothing is changed to make the situation better then it will lead to racism and superiority and some will start to think that they are better than other people.

Many individuals are effected by equality in their lives, work place, or community. Some people think of equality as a good thing. However most people think equality is ruinous and if it is enforced it will make them less of a person. Equality had been an issue ever since the late 1700’s. Men and women have been fighting to gain more respect from each other and to become equal. If more individuals focused on being equal, then there would be less ridiculing in the communities. In all actuality, no person is better than the other and each person has proficient and imperfect qualities.

Since the late 1700’s when equality was raised as an issue, women and men always felt different than one another and both had different tasks to complete in life. The men went to work to make the money to support their families and the women stayed home to take care of the children and cook for their family. Today there are problems still in the nation with equality involving men and women in the workforce. In the late 1700’s, the women’s job was to stay at home and cook for their families. In the early 1800’s, the only job offered to most women was to be a school teacher. That job suited them because it took the roll of nurturing. (watching, teaching and guiding the children)

In 1776, the Declaration of Independence was signed and stated that, “all men are created equal.” Even so some individuals did not treat others with the same respect because of one major issue. The major issue was slavery and black people. black slaves to believed that they were not like the Americans and the whites believed that black slaves should not be treated equal. The whites thought blacks were inferior because most of them were slaves.

The Civil War broke out in 1861 due to slavery and because blacks were not being treated equal. The north wanted to restore the union and give everyone including blacks, their freedom because of the Norths victory in the Civil War. The Emancipation Proclamation was signed along with the 14th Amendment. Both of these documents assured slaves their freedom and gave them equal protection. Even though this gave blacks freedom and equal rights. However white citizens still did not treat blacks equal.

Before long women wanted to work in other places and do more with their lives. When women started working with men they were looked at as “sex symbols” and not for their talent or ability to complete their work. Many women worked the same amount of hours as men, had the same job, and completed the same amount of work in one day would still get paid less. Jonathan, a writer for Equality in America wrote, “Women do not get paid as much as men do for doing the same job. This illustrates how our country still does not practice equality” (http://www.cyberlearningworld.com/nhhs/project/2000/equality/equal.htm). In the early 1700’s, the Feminist Movement started because of men thinking
that they were superior to women. Up until now women are still fighting for their rights and to be treated equal to men in the work force and in communities.

Both cooperation and open-mindedness are needed for to achieve equality. In order to make equality work, citizens need to communicate and look at different points of views. This needs to be enforced in business, at home, and in

Almost everyone has to live by, or work with, people who think more of themselves or judge others because of their appearance. Equality will never be a part of this nation if individuals will not take the time to understand everyone in this nation has the same rights responsibilities. No one is less of a person or more of a person because of what they do or say. If citizens made an effort to stop criticizing and judging others then maybe our nation might start becoming equal.

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