Formal Education

Originally Posted Spring 2008


Formal education is an important value in our society today. Education(#) brings understanding(#) to the individual, enhances career(#) options upon completion, and builds relationships(#) between the students and professors at the college.


All Montana students are required to attend school until the age of 18. After high school it is the individual’s decision to continue their education. However, many people find it difficult to continue their education with the increase tuition at universities. Many people wait a few years after high school before going back to college with the intentions of saving money, but they usually never go back to school.

People without a formal education usually work their whole life at a minimum wage job with no potential of advancement in their position. This puts a financial stress on the individual trying to make ends meet.

A variety of colleges in Montana and around the country are dedicated to the education of their students. There are three different types of colleges available: community, state, and private. The tuition of these colleges generally increases respectively. Although different colleges have different prices, they all are dedicated to the education of their students.

College offers a wide range of subjects dealing with one’s field of study to broaden one’s horizon. To enhance one’s college experience, one can go abroad. The individual learns the culture first hand, instead of out of a textbook. Also, college offers internships with local businesses to get hands on experience with one’s field of study.

In order to complete one’s education, one needs determination. Classes can be demanding with writing papers, group projects, and, of course, studying for exams. In studying for exams one can get to know their classmates better by forming a study group. If the students are having trouble in a class, they can always ask the professors for help, since they want their students to succeed.

This value can be applied to everyone, regardless of age. Many older people go back to school to obtain a bachelor's degree or even a master’s degree. Another reason many people go back to school is because they are not satisfied with their current job and want to switch careers. There are many scholarships offered to help easy the financial stress. Also, many colleges offer work study jobs on campus.




to ensure formal education, all college students should become involved on campus by joining clubs and study groups. Applying for scholarships helps people focus on their studies and complete their degrees.

In order for formal education to be available to everyone, people need to be taught at a young age on how to save(#) for their college tuition. This will enable people to fulfill(#) their potential, as well as gaining knowledge(#) on variety of topics.

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