Freedom among people does not come easily. A societies citizens must cooperate(#) with one another in order to have equality(#) in freedom. Having freedom also takes lots of responsibility(#) and ethical thinking in order to work.

In the United States of America, we pride ourselves on the idea that American citizens are free people. In America, we have many rights or specific freedoms that other non democratic nations throughout the world do not have. There are two different aspects of freedom. A person can have “freedom from” and “freedom to.” "Freedom to" and "freedom from" directly affect each other. "Freedom to", encompasses all the freedoms or rights that an individual is entitled to in his or her society. When an individual is "free from" something, it includes all the laws or rules that are put upon society so individuals are not free to do certain things that may diminish other peoples freedoms. For example, it is against the law to steal from any person or business. This law protects the people or businesses property or merchandise and allows them to be free from theft. These “freedoms from” are a part of society, put into place to protect others as well as the individual. "Freedom to", encompasses all the freedoms or rights that an individual is entitled to in his or her society. We can see in the Declaration of Independence, that all Americans have the freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of press and the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These are just a few examples of things that Americans have the "freedom to". Many other countries around the world share similar freedoms as Americans. Other less fortunate countries are bound by dictators and those who violate the law or speak against the dictator are forced to cooperate through the threat of violence or death.

Freedom can also be broken up into two other types. An individual can be physically free and mentally free. There are many different interpretations on the definition of being physically free. Generally people would consider an individual that is not held by restraint or locked away in prison to be physically free. However, merely being able to move freely in an area outside of cell walls does not constitute a person's complete physical freedom. All laws even in the United States and elsewhere in the world infringe on freedom, but many are vital in keeping peace and order among citizens. For a person to be totally free to do whatever he or she wanted, the individual would have to be in total isolation from society because where that person's freedom is immense, other peoples' freedoms would be infringed upon. This is one reason why civilized societies have laws in place. Mental freedom is freedom of the mind. Freedom of the mind is something that no person can take from you. Mental freedom is the freedom to think, to have views on things, to dream, to imagine and to learn. Being free in the mind is the most important kind of freedom. An individual can be locked in a tiny cell with no windows, but has the ability to close his or her eyes and be anywhere they want to be.

Freedom is the power or right to act, speak or think as one wants, without hindrance or restraint. Freedom is sought after by people all over the world and the fight for freedom has been the foundation of many revolutions and wars throughout time. Freedom is extremely important and must be allowed to flourish in all places throughout the world.

Freedom and the idea of a democratic society are taught to American children at a very young age in the school system as well as in day to day life. When teaching children about what freedom means, the following should be addressed.

  • Lead others in posing solutions
  • Strive for action
  • Work hard to achieve goals in obtaining freedom
  • Cooperate with one another
  • Make Equal all peoples freedoms
  • Put limits on how free people can be to prevent conflicts



The Conflict:

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