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To have the value of friendliness put aside the individuality (#) and become fluent in having a generous (#) demenor. This needs to start within one’s self and spread throughout the community (#). Participating (#) in the activities of everyday life and sharing (#) them with others will make the world a friendlier place.

There are issues today with the world being to stressful and tiring. No one has a smile on their face anymore. Between running errands and having a demanding job, people don’t get to relax and enjoy the time with their family and friends.

In the United States the work week seems to be getting longer and longer. The U.S. has one of the longest work weeks in the world. Think of what this is doing to the health and happiness of the people. People’s attitudes have been gradually getting meaner and unpleasent. Most don’t want to be around others anymore. The mood people are starting to endorse is becoming more hostile then in the earlier years. People used to be very happy with not too many things to worry about. Now everyone seems to be worried about everything. It’s time to take a step back and look at how lives are being taken control of from all the stresses.
With the stress increasing it seems friendliness is decreasing. Not often do people smile at each other when passing by or say a quick hello. Even if they do not know each other it is still welcome to say hello once in awhile. Even on the roads, there is less and less people caring of the people around them. As long as they are getting where they need that’s all that matters. Whatever happened to the wave as someone passed by? This was done a lot many years ago, but now it seems people don’t want to wave because there is just too many other things on their minds. It used to be that on a road out in the country every time someone passed they would exchange a smile and a wave. This is the friendliness that is shown between neighbors and friends. Today, it seems no one wants to wave. They speed past without thinking twice. No one appears to care enough about their neighbors anymore.

In the everyday lives of the public it is becoming harder and harder to go out and participate in community activities and events. If people are not able to do this because of the chaotic lives that they are living how are they supposed to learn how to become friendly or to gain friendships? The people need this interaction in order to really understand the meaning of friendliness. Sitting at home does not help to fully grasp the idea of this value. It is interacting with others and learning from them. Everyone has a little friendliness already embedded in themseves, but in order to use it to its fullest it needs to be brought out.

More community events need to be planned. Something close to the citizens' houses. There can be more than one in a set place. Pot-lucks for neighborhoods. Getting neighborhoods to come together to play games or team building excercises. This ensures bonding which then will eventually create waves when passing by or a smile and a hello. Lastly, putting less emphasis on the work schedule; if it is cut down there is still plenty of time to get the work done.


Gaining an internal peacefulness (#) is a start to coming to this friendlieness state. Once this is achieved than a compassion (#) for others will form and sooner or later an energy (#) will arise and make the world seem like a wonderful place to be.

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