**Being frugal promotes slowness (#) in life. When living frugally life becomes simpler (#) and shows discipline (#) in ones’ self by being able to restrain your spending. It shows the hard work (#) of people to make ends meet.**

Everyone spends money. Some people look for bargains to save their money for the future or the things that are most needed. We need to save money that way we can live through hardships that may come.

Frugality is a value over-looked by most people. Most Americans want the high-priced brand names, but with the economy falling out in the past couple of months the “penny pinchers” will be better off because they saved their money. The cost of living is more expensive now than ever, so by saving their money they can have enough to pay for the necessities in life. By going to garage sales or thrift markets you can save a lot of money in clothes and kitchen appliances.

Many people save money in a reward system. If they live frugally at the beginning of the year, they can save up and take a vacation at the end of the year. In Montana the falling economy hasn’t hit us as hard as larger states, but we can still see its effects. The value of a dollar has gone down drastically so why still pay for something that is priced at 100 dollars when is only worth about twenty dollars. By saving money in your younger years of life you will be better off in the future to pay for your children’s college or help with retirement.

If you save more money you will have more money. This means that you might be able to work less and spend more time enjoying life. People have more options when they live frugally because in the end they come out with the most money and have access to things most people couldn’t afford.

For some people being frugal is a way of life and saving most of their money is the only way to stay afloat in this expensive world. These are people we should value. They have will power to decipher between what they need and what they want.

By reusing items that someone else had before we are conserving the earth. We don’t always need new things. “One mans’ garbage is another mans’ treasure.”2

Therefore, by living frugally “you can spend less than you earn, and use the difference to pay off debt, save or invest.”3


In order to live more frugally you have to take away the need to always have expensive, new things and settle for something less that is sometimes as good if not better. It can conserve (#) the earth by using items over again to reduce waste. It shows the wit (#) of people to come up with more ideas to save money.

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