Health is the general physical and mental condition. There are different levels of health, but good health is the most desirable. It is a value in society that results from commitment and is formed through hard work and responsibility.


When health is abused or neglected, quality of life declines. Failure to live a healthy lifestyle can result in a number of problems effecting a persons overall well-being.

Health is the physical and mental state of a person’s being. Whether that state be good or bad can be decided on the way in which a person takes care of themselves. This is achieved by many factors including eating habits, genetics, the surrounding environment, personal morals, and societal norms.

Health is a basis of living. If a person is constantly sick he/she may not be able to enjoy many of the pleasures the world has to offer. Good health, both physically and mentally, enhances body, spirit, and mind. It can effect happiness, confidence, and lifestyle, along with play a key role in longevity and well-being.

As most people know the basic ways to maintain good health include exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy, balanced diet. Exercise keeps the body fit, while a healthy diet and good nutrition keeps the body functioning normally and helps prevent disease. There are countless fitness programs, exercise routines, and a multitude of activities that people can do to stay fit. These include going to a gym, doing a sport, weight lifting, taking an exercise class, or coming up with a personal routine. Upholding a healthy diet is also of high importance. This can be a challenge in our fast food, super sized nation, but it important to do so. This consists of eating a variety of foods in proportional amounts to obtain good nutrition.

While there are many ways to go about living a healthy lifestyle, health can be abused in many ways too. Many people use illegal drugs or misuse over the counter and prescription drugs. This often leads to mental and physical deterioration of the body. Another health problem that our society faces is overeating and/or eating food that is lacking in nutritional value. These can lead to weight gain or many other health related problems. One major problem that is the result of an unhealthy lifestyle is obesity, which has become a growing epidemic in the United States. Obesity leads to numerous health problems, both physically and mentally.

Efforts in order to promote good health can begin with teaching children healthy habits at an early age and emphasizing the importance of good health and their bodies. Teaching children healthy eating habits and encouraging exercise at an early age can result in healthy habits that last their whole life. They should be taught how much their bodies need to be taken care of in order to live a healthy lifestyle.

Everyone is in some level of health. It is important for people to know the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle and being in good health. Although it may be hard work to maintain good health, most people who do so will find it worth while. They yield a profit of well being above that of an unhealthy way of living.



Being in good health can help people maintain a optimistic outlook and sustain a positive disposition. Often times people do not have to think about it at all and are still able to feel well. Others are not so lucky and are always under the burden of a disease or disorder. Health is not only a personal responsibility, but a commitment that requires hard work, dedication, and consistency. With good health often times comes happiness (2) and a contribution to out personal well-being. Our health is something that we can invest while we are young and use until we grow old. Thus, we should take good care of it and by no means take it for granted.

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