Helping The Innocent And Powerless

"The difference between a helping hand and an outstretched palm is a twist of the wrist." ~Laurence Leamer

What Does Helping the Innocent and Powerless Mean?

To help is to simply contribute strength or render assistance to someone else in need. Innocent and powerless individuals could mean an abused animal, an infant, or even the ordinary citizen of a cummunity. It is important for the more fortunate individuals to give a helping hand to those that are less fortunate. Helping someone else in need can be very rewarding. In order to help someone, you must have compassion, generosity, bravery, leadership, and peacefulness.

Confronting the Problem
Every individual experiences personal struggles at some point in their lifetimes. Although these struggles are unique to the individual, sometimes all they need is a helping hand. Many people ignorantly roll up their windows, lock the doors, and turn their head when they approach a homeless individual sitting on the street corner. Many people change the channel when a commercial about starving children in Africa comes on the television. These individuals do this because they believe that they have their own issues to deal with rather than helping an innocent and powerless person. They feel that because they are not personally affected by the problem, that there is no need to get involved.

How to Help the Innocent and Powerless
The key to helping the innocent and powerless is to be a strong individual yourself. Having confidence and compassion can change alot. Do not ignore issues of today's society. First of all, make sure that the problem is known. Make sure the individual in need knows that they are cared for, and that you are there to help. Sometimes, the best thing someone can do to help someone else is to listen. Let them talk about whatever they please, but make sure to just listen and only speak up when appropriate. Ask them about any dreams they might have, and what you can do to help.
By donating just one dollar a day, a child in Africa could receive nutritious food, health care, and education, and his entire community can benefit from access to clean water as well as medical care. Instead of buying a bottle of pop at the local convenience store, or that extra taco at the drive thru, consider the needs of someone else.

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