Helping The Self Destructive

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Helping The Self Destructive


What is Self-Destructive?

The act of being self-destructive can be described as
destroying one’s self with reckless behaviors. When a
person fails to do what is in their best interests they
are causing harm to themselves. There are several common
behaviors that are seen as destructive in our society such
as gambling, drugs and alcohol, self-mutilation,
prostitution, eating disorders, and remaining in abusive
relationships. It is important for other people to reach
out and help people that are going down a destructive
path. Helping someone in need can be very rewarding.

Confronting the Problem

When people brush aside real issues in life, a tragedy
is likely to occur. When a serious issue is within our view
we try to downplay it and turn our heads the other way. We
try to convince ourselves that our friend’s drug addiction
is not so bad, or we do not hear our neighbor beating his
wife. People act like the problem will go away if they
ignore it.
Another issue is that people think it is not their
problem. They are not affected so they do not feel the
need to get involved. Also, the person might feel they
are causing more problems by bringing a certain one to
When a serious self-destructive behavior is ignored
the outcome may be far worse. For example, a child
subjected to abuse may become severely depressed and cut
them self. Eventually, things may get so bad the child
decides they no longer want to live. The individual may
commit suicide or even murder. The situation could have
been avoided if the abuse was reported and everyone who
was involved got proper treatment.


How to Help the Self-Destructive

The solution to helping the self-destructive is to be a strong
individual. Do not avoid the problem. Be a hero.
There are many steps which a person can take to
aid a helpless person. First, the concern has to be made
known. Tell the person in need that their behavior is
dangerous and you care about their safety. Next, with an
open attitude, listen to what they have to say. There is
usually a deep pain and suffering within the reckless
behavior. Together identify their feelings and the
seriousness of their actions. Before the conversation is
ended, encourage the help of a trained professional. This
may be a life turning point for a destructive person.
There is no one in this world that is immune from having
harmful addictions. People from all walks of life can
become affected by many vices, therefore there are many
self help groups and rehab center to help people who are self-
destructive. In order to carry out helping others who are
self-destructive you must have #Compassion, #Energy,
#Leadership, and #Generosity.

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