Humility or meekness is a quality of being courteously respectful of others. It is the opposite of aggressiveness#, arrogance#, boastfulness#, and vanity#. Rather humility is a virtue which places one's self aspirations, feelings, wants, and needs on the back-burner and places someone else's life before their own. When humility is practiced it creates an atmosphere of peace around those which practice such a virtue.

Pride is the worst enemy of humility; the idea in which one looks at their life as more important than another's. When a community, state, country, or world forgets what humility is, than that area has lost respect for the value of life and will in the end cease to live.

Throughout the city of Billings, many different people practice humility each and everyday of their lives. One case of humility being practiced is every Sunday thousands of people gather for religion purposes. One see's humility in almost any religion with a higher being because the people are setting aside their lives and instead putting the will of their of their god or gods at the head of their lives. By doing this they have created an atmosphere of complete focus on something other than themselves. This in turn gives them qualities of happiness, peace, love, and cooperation; allowing them to understand that the world is much more bigger and important than just their own little world.

One must realize that there are many other ways in which to practice humility. Religion is just one path to take, but shouldn't be the only path. Humility should be practiced throughout ones daily life. Such as in sports, a job, school, or even walking a dog. By practicing humility one comes to realization that their life is just as important as another's but never more important than the other life. By the people of Billings applying humility to their lives it keeps the community moving, because it makes the people realize that community is the key to their survival of their life.

Think outside of the world you just live in during your life. Realize that in order to keep the breath of life in your veins you must keep that same breath in the person next to. Thus in whatever you do, do it for someone else. Realize that by you doing so you are caring more for the life next to you, and in turn hoping that life does the same for you. Instead of the government making more laws on how to separate people from people; the people should demand a law which requires people to strive to become the virtue of humility.


Our society can instill humility by practicing the virtue of cooperation (#) which creates an atmosphere of peace. Implementing selflessness(#) results in society becoming more aware that the life around us is precious.

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