Internet Regulations

The Internet is very important in today’s society. Most people search the web everyday to find information they need or in their spare time. The internet is almost an essential to life. It is replacing newspapers, phonebooks, cookbooks and many more. It is very easy to get to the internet and just type what you are looking for and it finds it quickly. There is no need to go digging through pages to find information. There are now regulations on the internet since it is so widely used and the regulations are restricting viewers from getting what they want. Many of the laws are for the better.

There was a new law passed, the Children’s Internet Protection Act, by Congress in 2000 and was enacted in 2001 that funded schools for Pornography-blocking software to be installed in all computers. The American Library Association filed a suit against CIPA saying that the law was unconstitutional, but it was appealed by the U.S. government. The U.S. government won the lawsuit.1

These restrictions don’t block just pornography, but also information needed in some areas of science research and also health research. The CIPA restricts viewers from accessing information that is not pornography related such as the works of the human body and reproduction among animals and humans.

There was a very important law passed in 2003 called the Protect Act that allowed government officials to wiretap listed sexual offenders. The wiretap allowed officials to see if the predators had been trying to solicit children online and stop them before they can do harm.

The Federal Communications Commission has many regulations on the internet. It is in control of the CIPA, and has authority over everything children view on the internet. The FCC is getting more control every year on what people can and can’t watch. The FCC also regulates the radio network and has controls over accessing songs or artists on the internet. If someone downloads a song off the internet they may have to pay a heavy fine.2

When surfing the web, people are worried about the legality of what they are doing. It puts a strain on people to be looking for information and not being able to get it because the website is blocked. If a child a was in school and looking up information on the computer and the page goes down because the website is blocked, they could get into a lot of trouble such as expelsion from school.

A New Way
To get around blocked websites, people can avoid the internet altogether, although it is almost impossible to do in today's society. People can create an account under a false name, but that also is in the realm of juridics.

If someone is accessing a site that they are not supposed to be they can be charged with false identity.

Another way to get around a blocked website is to find it through a general source like Google. Google does not block as much as most websites.

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