*Inventiveness charactized by the word invention, meaning inventive method. When enhancing inventiveness, one includes happiness, and a sense of self achievement. The importance of inventiveness is an issue of society because without it we are merely stuck in the dark ages.
When inventiveness in society has diminished then our society as a whole will not fail per say but the lack of improvement will lead to no self worth and people will be just going through the motions with no desire for self improvement and no desire for the improvement of society. With the lack of desire for improvement our society as a whole could become a major problem.
*Inventiveness it seems is neverending process we openly discuss ideas of inventiveness with our friends, family, and co-workers almost everyday. Whether you act on your ideas' is entirely up to you. In todays society inventions or inventiveness has become more of not what the invention is but more of who is going to get the credit for inventing that product or cure or whatever the product maybe. Through all of this came the invention of the paten. The paten is basically a documentation that you pay for showing that you are the sole creator of that product and nobody else can make or build that product for a certain number of years without your written consent. The invention of the paten brought to the table many cases of moral and ethical discord in that it is not uncommon for an idea of inventiveness to be stolen for ones own personal financial gain. In order to step forward with the problems with inventiveness society should worry less about who will be credited with the invention and be more concerned with how the invention will help mankind as a whole. That has problems in itself because it is common knowledge that our society is driven by money and power and the more one has the better. So the helping of your fellow man takes a backseat.*untitled-10.jpg
By taking time and listening to others ideas and not worrying about who will take credit for what we as a society can keep improving our culture. It seems we are headed for a massive downfall with the Ozone deteriorating, the spread of HIV/AIDS and with more people with cancer than ever. Now is the time to put our egos aside and come together as a society with a sense of inventiveness and find cures for these devastating diseases and environmental problems to our planet, and by thinking outside of the box and remembering to take small steps because you must crawl before you can walk.
*In creating inventiveness a person has to share ideas with each other, and be committed to making there idea's happen. They also must have a sense of morals.

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