Joining The Military

Joining the Military

There are many rules and regulations to joining the military. The rules apply to health and laws people have broken. This will cover eligibility, moral disqualifiers, Law Violations, drug use, and homosexuality.

Strong beliefs and moral character is encouraged. People trying to apply for the military who have frequent STD’s, anti social behavior, believe that national security is not important, and even have certain tattoos may be denied the ability to join the military.

Moral disqualifiers
Certain moral problems can disqualify a person trying to join the military. Such disqualifications are law violations, drug use, tattoos, and homosexuality.

Law Violations
Law violations include traffic, minor-non traffic, misdemeanor and felony. When people trying to join the military have no record of arrests or conviction there chances of joining the military improve. People trying to join the military that have a criminal history and continuing criminal behavior will be rejected form joining the military. Recruiters are trained to discover people who try and cover up any convictions. Any person trying to join the military that has “extreme” views against civil rights in the constitution will also be discovered and denied. Any possible charges and or any pending charges will also limit eligibility. There is an entire list and table-chart that applicants can observe with a military recruiter. Local police checks will be preformed. Wavers are possible if convictions are not too series. Adult felonies are difficult to get a waver. Any domestic abuse felony, drug trafficking felony, grand theft auto, rape, larceny, manslaughter, and assault are all non-wavetable.

Drug Use
“Recreational” marijuana use is not encouraged. However, if it is under the “experimental” criteria no waiver is needed. If it is “recreational” or more than “experiential” under the military guidelines then a waiver is needed and applicants must discontinue any further use. Any controlled substances beyond marijuana require a waiver. If someone fails a drug test upon arrival at MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Command) will be denied further processing in the military and go through the process again with only a waiver. That waiver Depends on the applicants past record and the command of the military. Also any person who fails the alcohol exam will be denied further entrance into the military. They must wait a period of 30 days before being allowed to try again. If a person attempting to join fails the breath test for a second time the will not be allowed to enlist into the military.

People joining the military will not be asked to reveal there sexual orientation. However, if there is evidence of homosexual activity it may be grounds for denial of entry into the military. A person’s sexual orientation is considered private by the military. Any acts to marry a person of the same biological sex will deny a person’s entry into the military. If a person is likely to engage in a homosexual act this too may deny a person’s entry into the military.

There is large juridical load for joining the military and the best way for a person to get all the information on these juridical loads needed is to speak with a recruiter for the United States Military.

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