Joyfulness is best described as the emotion of great happiness (#). Joyfulness could be found through activist, charity (#), humor (#), strength (#) and many other areas of life. Joyfulness is also something that is found through social interactions, with friendliness (#), to friends, family (#) and even complete strangers.

There is a problem when joyfulness is neglected. People tend to neglect this value when they no longer try to seek things or activities that bring them joy. People begin to settle with being simply content. Others also seek for joy in areas that do not naturally bring them joy. Many people believe that joy comes hand in hand with financial success. This might not always be the case though. Without true joyfulness one can never be truly happy. If they provide the illusion of joyfulness, and live a life that others would think to be joyful, they do not find what truly matters most to them. It is not expected or possible to expect joyfulness all the time. If joyfulness was experienced all the time then it would not be as meaningful.*

In order to achieve this value a person must find something in their lives that makes them feel joy. There are many activities in Montana that bring someone joy. Activities such as a day in the sun under the "big sky", carving down the slopes on a crisp winter morning, or setting out for a day of fishing in the Stillwater River. This value is for everyone, and anyone who is willing to experience it. All it takes is an instance of sheer happiness.


Most would agree that joyfulness is obtained by happiness (2) that can be found in everyday life experiences. In order to carry out the fulfillment(#) of joyfulness a person should embrace the most gripping moments around them.


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