Juridic Load Instructions

(These instructions are being revised to improve them)


In the following instructions, if a word or phrase is in quotation marks it means “click on this link”. After logging in you’ll first have to add a link to that page for your specific entry, then post your essay from your word processor to this new page.

“Juridic Load”
“Areas of Life” or “Typical Activity” – Your choice should be the most appropriate category for your juridic load area.
“Edit” lower right of page.
In the open editing box at “Areas of Life” or “Typical Activity”, at the end of the existing list, hit Return and then type the name of your activity or area between three square brackets, e.g., like this [[[Eating Food]]]. Do not delete anything you find there, simply hit “return” and type in your name. “Save.” The title of your entry (as a link) along with your name will soon appear in the webpage above.
“Name of your area/activity” You will be told to “create a new page”
“Create page”
Open your word processor and your juridic load document. First, remove all formatting, except footnotes. If your font is not Courier, select all the text of your document and make it Courier. Now, copy your essay. Paste it, without main title, into the editing box provided.
Before closing the edit box containing your document, go through your document and
highlight section labels and make them bold using the B button just above the edit box. Alternatively, place two asterisks on either side of the phrase to be bolded, like so Blahdy Blah.
You’ll notice that your footnotes disappeared. At the point where you want the footnote number to appear, click the footnote-creating button above the editing box (the third row down, the sixth from the left). It will create a place for you to paste the contents of your footnote from your essay. So go back to your essay, copy each distinct footnote, and paste it in the appropriate place in the footnote creator. In the editing box it will be an in-text note, but on the webpage it will appear below the essay. Do this for every footnote.

You should also identify words or phrases that will link to other entries, but all entries must be entered before this can happen. When you do, be sure you know precisely the page name of the entry to be linked to. Revise your entry accordingly by putting the exact phrase(s) in triple brackets.

You are finished.

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