A successful justice system requires the cooperation of all community (#) members under the constraints of a given system. The Merriam Webster dictionary definition of justice can be summarized as the establishment or determination of rights according to the rules of law or equity, and the administration of the law.

Everyday a person who leaves the confines of his or her own home is going to be conforming (#) to some sort of law that limits what that person can do.

Every society in this world has some sort of system that brings justice to, or punishment to those members of society that do not conform to the laws implemented by an agreement of society members on what types of actions are allowed and what actions aren’t.

By having a system of justice that determines the extent of punishment based on the type and severity of a violation to the given laws of a community, those who enforce justice can attempt to deter people from committing crimes as well as arresting, prosecuteing, and imprisoning those who refuse to obey the laws of a given society.

Police officers are working everyday to protect the communities that we, as citizens, live in. Officers are always dealing with several levels of law breakers, from murderers to misdemeanor offenders and traffic law violators. After a person is accused of committing a crime and arrested by law enforcement they proceed through the justice system to the courts where a judge and a jury, or other mediator depending on the country, are asked to give their decision on the persons guilt or innocence after being presented the evidence of the crime. If tried guilty of a crime a person could be punished with penalties such as fines, community service, or several years of jail time. All of these punishments will depend on the type of crime the offender committed.

Therefore our lives depend on a system of justice to protect our family or families and communities from harm caused by the criminal acts of others. If a given community lacked a system of justice there would be no control over the actions of community members. With this lack of control the well-being of the community would be in jeopardy and at the mercy of citizens who don’t respect the lives and property of others. Without control over crime it would be an all-for-all situation where your property could be stolen from you without punishment of the person who committed the theft. It is because of the possible loss of personal property that we value and thrive on a system of justice to give us a sense of security (#) in our communities and work places.

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