Legacy Leaving Your Mark**


Everyone leaves behind a legacy after they die, but only few people leave behind a legacy worth talking about.


A legacy is the story of some ones life, the things they did, places they went, goals they accomplished, their failures, and more. Legacy is something that a person leaves behind to be remembered by. Legacies are pathways that guide people in decisions with what to do or what not to do. By wanting to leave a mark and create a legacy example for people to follow. Martin Luther King jr. left behind his legacy of positive and selfless actions. Hitler left behind a legacy of negativity, and destruction.

Both are equally important in setting an example for the future, so that they can behave the same way, or avoid making the same mistakes. Leaving behind a legacy is important no matter who you are. Heroes, villains, and every day people leave behind a legacy that creates meaning in our lives. A grandmother’s legacy may be important her family. This grandmother may leave behind a recipe. Every time that specific recipe is made the memories or legacy of the grandmother would be remembered. A family’s heritage is a legacy that a person would be interested in. Even the legacies of actors or actresses influence the lives of others.

Many times a child has seen a actress play a super hero on a movie and said “I want to be like that!” Actresses and actors legacies inspire people to do great things, such as star in a move, live rich and luxurious lives. When kids say that they want to be a fireman or a doctor it’s because of the legacy other fire fighters or doctors have left behind. Legacies leave pathways for future generations to want to be something great. It’s also a way to pass on life experience to others that need it. A legacy is a part of a person that lives on long after that person has passed have passed.

A legacy also leaves behind the story of a person so they are not forgotten. Legacies are important path ways or the future to follow or to be guided by in order make better decisions in life. Leaving behind a legacy gives us comfort in knowing that once we are gone we will not be erased from the memories of others. Watching an old movie would have us remember an old actress that has died that stared in that movie. Making a recipe that a loved one has left behind may spark memories of them.





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