Leisure is free time people use in activities may they be physical or passive to take a break from the things that take up their time.

Leisure is a value people use for a way of being free. People use leisure to get away from work and do activities they wish. It is a time for recreational activities and discretionary time before and after compulsory activities such as eating and sleeping, going to work, or running a business, attending school and doing homework, household chores, and day to day stress. These activities can be broke into two separate groups; leisure and compulsory activities. People can do these activities for pleasure as well as long term utility. (www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leisure).

The different types of activities people value with leisure involve physical and passive leisure’s. Physical leisure’s are activities that involve people using physical and mental energy. Physical energy can be used in walking, kick boxing, yoga, golfing, chess, and painting. Art is a leisure that many follow because it uses little effort but is enjoyable to many.

People spend their leisure time differently based on their normal daily lives. Leisure can also depend on one’s age and cultural background.

Passive leisure is when a person doesn't exert any energy into their leisure activities. These can include going to a movie, watching television, or even gambling. These activities are more relaxing for people.

People who work hard jobs that take a lot of energy and physical activity usually use passive leisure because it relaxes them and is different from what they are doing normally. On the other hand people who a lot of sedentary work usually do more physical leisure activities.

Younger people like to go out with friends at least once a week to drink, go to a movie, play video games, or dancing the night away at a club. All people especially older people can turn leisure into a long term activity. Long term activities such as going to a university or taking college courses part time just because of the love of learning to help their career.

Leisure can also be depending on money because people are able to do more leisure things by spending money and taking work off. The more money one has the more exciting leisure things they are able to get out and do instead of just sitting on their couch.

Workaholics are an example that would be a cultural background where people spend their leisure time differently than the normal person. They enjoy working and don’t enjoy socializing or engaging in any other activity. Many may see leisure as a way of giving up their chance at attaining a higher ranked job.

People today work hard to make their outside lives more enjoyable. Leisure is a time to get away from the outside and do something one finds happiness inside.


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