Love is a strong affection and caring for another person. Love can range from general pleasure to interpersonal attraction.

*Love is a general expression of sentiment. True love is unconditional and can range from romantic, familial, to Platonic love. In romantic love there is a passionate desire and intimacy. Familial and Platonic loves have an emotional closeness. *

There are three different types of love romantic love, familial love, and platonic love. Romantic love has a passionate desire and intimacy between two people. Love is a powerful sentiment, more than just liking somebody. Any love needs intimacy, commitment, and passion. When two people can share confidences and details about their personal lives, and relationship goes to an intimate level. Commitment is needed so when a person steps into a relationship they know that there is a commitment to make the relationship permanent. In love passion can act as infatuation; passionate love is strong desire for another person, and it is frequently accompanied by physiological stimulation. Love is a mixture of passion and companionate love, an affection and feeling of intimacy without the accompaniment of physiological stimulation.

Familial love is a natural affection within a family. Familial love is unconditional, meaning that no matter what happens you will always love that person, a mother will always love her child. Familial love is committed, selfless, emotionally full, and reciprocated by others within the family. Familial love can be between a group of people with common ancestry, or through friendship. Platonic love is a deep and spiritual connection with the sexual element being absent. In original Platonic form it was meant to bring two people closer to wisdom and the Platonic Form of Beauty. With real Platonic love, the other person motivates the mind and soul and directs ones attention to spiritual things.


Within a loving relationship one needs commitment, and honesty to make a relationship thrive. Trust is needed to be able to bond with another person. A thriving relationship whether it be mother and daughter, or husband and wife, will be a happy one when all these elements are combined.


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