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Love of Animals

Love of Animals

Love of animals and animal friendship is a feeling of affection that humans often have towards non human beings, such as animals. Humans share special bonds of loyalty and love with their animals and pets. It is a pleasurable (#) relationship between humans and animals that brings these two diverse species together.

Animals show humans affection as they receive it. Many people do not believe that animals are capable of loving or showing affection.

Groups such as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), Hearts United for Animals (HUA), and many other clubs that support animal rights stand by the fact that animals have feelings, and DO have the ability to feel emotion, just like humans. Animals have a sense of love, loyalty, and friendship as well as many other emotions and traits.
Unethical treatment of animals is a large controversy in the past and remains important in today’s society as well. Animal abuse can usually be categorized into two branches: Active cruelty and passive cruelty. Active cruelty simply means non-accidental injury that is caused with malicious intent. Passive cruelty is animal neglect and the lasting effects of the neglect towards the animal. Unethical treatment and cruelty could range anywhere from neglecting your pet, leaving a pet malnourished, actual physical abuse, animal testing, or even using animals as a form of entertainment, such as dog fighting.
There are many other forms of abuse, especially in puppy mill settings. The definition of a puppy mill is: a commercial farming operation in which purebred dogs are raised in large numbers. Living quarters and milling methods are not monitored closely enough, and millions of dogs die each year in the care of mills and pet stores. Many animal rights advocates will petition and fight against the cause of puppy mills. A method that has raised many animal rights issues would be the process of debarking. This is where a sharp metal rod is placed in the vocal chord of the dog, and hit into the throat to rupture the vocal chord, ensuring that the dog will never bark again. This is just one of the many inhumane ways that mills control their animals.
Another love of animals act would be vegetarianism. This is the practice of a diet where all animals are excluded, including poultry, game, fish, or any slaughter by-products. Many people believe that eating animals as a source of our food is wrong and they refrain from doing this by avoiding eating meat.
There are extremes on one end of the spectrum to the other with love of animals. Some people buy their pets clothes, shoes, purses, beds, accessories, and many other items that some people find frivolous. Others have a pet they see for ten minutes a day, long enough to feed them, and put them back outside. Some owners beat their pet on a regular basis, while other pet owners are against animal abuse.


Love of animals can be shown in many different ways, between humans and animals and also just amongst animals. Animal rights advocates stand for the humane treatment of animals and fight for animal rights. This is one of the many ways someone could show love of animals.

Ethical treatment of animals could be strengthened by everyone! Anyone who has ever had an animal, or loved an animal should want to support the cause. With some teamwork and strength, animal cruelty could be ruled out.

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