Love Of Place

(Revised Spring 08 by Rohrer)
In the world, there are places that are loved and it can be relaxing, beautiful, and a way to find knowledge of such places, either with family or by oneself. The silence in some of the places can bring ideas on how to make certain aspects better for the persons’ well-being.

Everyday millions of people go to work. These employees need to in a way of finding time to spend with family on vacations. In some cases, the children don’t get to see either one or both parents.

Before the 1800’s in the U.S., families would work at home on farms and make their own products. Around the time of the 1800’s, is when the full factories were being built. During that, these factories would hire youths to work and would take away the children from their families because the factory owner would provide the living of for the children. This is the start of separation of families. With this in mind, people are being more ignorant because some of these kids don’t have the knowledge of how to make products with quality. For that, the factory owners are making sure that on the line the kids are just doing what they are suppose to be doing and don’t have any other knowledge on how to start and finish the product. This particular attitude lacks wisdom and the need to work.
When an employee is suppose to be on vacation they would instead be at work trying to catch up on things that they can’t do during regular working hours. Hence, making the upper management think that there isn’t enough work to do, and they would add more to the list of things that needs to get done. Therefore, it would make the other workers have longer hours. With longer hours means less time to spend with family on a little get away. Instead, the upper management is not looking at the fact that salary employees are coming in on their time off or staying after to get everything done on time ecause they don't see the hours that these emplyees are working. This will cause problems at home with spouses and children because with all the stresss that has been put onto the employee.
Individuals that are stubborn and ignorant will affect the community adn themselves. Thus, lacking in healthy and social skills due to lack of common sence. For everyone will-being is to get involved in activities with other people in the community and spend more time with family on trips.

To make sure that there is enough time to spend with family and receive knowledge, don't work on vacations and be active with the surrounding community, share stories and learn from their mistakes for the well-being of the family and other people. Educate the youth about managing time on the projects that they have to do.


Therefore to love a place people needs to be compassionate, responsible, get involved with the community. When visiting other places one will give more knowledge to people that have no knowledge of the subject.

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