Loyalty-an expression of faithfulness, devotion and dedication
-conscious or unconscious-keeps marriage, family, and tradition strong, while increasing our country’s dignity (#)



Loyalty is an expression of our faithfulness, and commitment to anything. If we do not stand for something, then will we fall for anything?

There are many ways to express loyalty in society today. We are expected to express and prove our loyalty to one another. In some cases we naturally convey loyalty towards others willingly. In others we live by binding written agreements that ensure loyalty. Loyalty is a representation of faithfulness to something. There may be a lack of loyalty in some American values today. Family tradition, patriotism, friendships, and marrige have all evolved within the past 50 years.

Loyalty is proven by the soldiers protecting and fighting for our country. These men and women are loyal and faithful to our country. Although they are physically working in an act of loyalty to America, many other people are loyal to our country and may show different acts of patriotism to express it. There are many opportunities to support our troops locally and nationwide. Donations can be made, letters can be sent, and support groups are available. (http://www.americasupportsyou.mil/americasupportsyou/help.html)

In our careers there is a certain commitment and expectation of loyalty. In the business world of America today, we sign contracts to prove our loyalty to the company we wish to represent and work for. This may be done in order to keep confidentiality within the business as well as other various reasons, and can be expressed through contracts and treaties. Or are these contracts there to represent that there is no trust for employees today? For example, we may sign a contract that binds us to a business for a certain number of years under given circumstances, and wages. Loyalty to our workplace may provide a strong and stable environment for both bosses and employees.

Marriage is also a type of commitment expressed by a contract of loyalty. The bond of a marriage symbolizes loyalty, devotion, and faithfulness to a person who fidelity is due. They may verbally initiate a contract between one another and pledge to be faithful and loyal, as well as many other important values. There may also be a written license from the state expressing this loyalty and commitment to each other. But this written or verbal “contract” is simply that. We live as two identities free to make our own decisions both good and bad. Loyalty is one important decision to be made in the joining of two people’s lives. Throughout the years this value in a marriage may slowly be forgotten.

There is both a conscious and unconscious representation of loyalty. For example, one may physically sign a contract or license to show their faithfulness towards a person, cause, custom, institution, or product. There may also be an unspoken act of loyalty and dedication to any one of these. Loyalty represents a passion and commitment for something and is unswerving in allegiance.

One must stand for something; have respect and dignity to ensure their faithfulness. Groups can be joined or even simple acts of kindness towards family members, community, friends, and our country to express ones loyalty.



In order to create stronger loyalty in our country today we must make a true commitment and faithfulness (#). We must honor (#) something as a duty to oneself and to others. Loyalty to a group of people of which one is not amember produces rivalry.

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