Magnificence is marked by extraordinary grandeur, a splendid immaculate specimen, grand or noble in thought size, or appearance.

Magnificence can be any array of extraordinary experiences or physical specimens. A person such a king or a nobleman can be considered magnificent people. A towering architecture marvel can be considered magnificent. A large natural wonder such as a erupting volcano or a majestic waterfall may also be seen as a magnificent specimen. An experience with a person who has filled you with inspiring knowledge allowing magnificence to spread.

Magnificence can be a form of restoring yourself to a previous more desirable self image, allowing you to experience a more fulfilling lifetime. In all actuality magnificence is something absolutely glorious. Not to mention how magnificence can pertain to any number of experiences and exalted physical beauties.

Accepting or being in the presence of something magnificence can bring upon a new attitude or perspective on life that you may have never even dreamed about. The first time you experienced a thunderstorm, may have been scary, but must have been also just as exhilarating. That magnificent experience and many others eventually help to shape how you experience all the beauty forming around you constantly.


By allowing yourself to be subject to magnificence you may also allow yourself to become more open minded and more aware of brilliant things happening around you on a day to day basis allowing your own personal experiences to be that much more of desirable and much more fulfilling.


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