Marriage Today


The decision of getting married—the decision of the male and female—Loyalty (*), Honesty (*), Sharing (*), and starting a family (*) “Till death do us part”. This brings feelings of Love (*) and Happiness (*). This is the beginning to starting a family.

Love is the most complicated thing in life to figure out. Most of the time people get married because they are in love. Lately it seems that later in the marriage people find out they are not in love anymore. This is causing people to struggle with being loyal and honest.

Being married means that two people have fallen in love and want to spend the rest of there lives together. This does not mean two people being forced to become married for any reason. Being married in Montana means it can only be one man and one woman together. Getting married comes with many ethical values that one could say are universal. Most ethical values for getting married are universal because most of us can all agree on what is right and what is wrong in a marriage.

The main value is loyalty in the marriage. This means there is only two people in a marriage. There is especially no committing adultery which is sleeping with someone else other then the one they are married too. Problems with marriage are becoming more common these days and it is not right.

Another value of marriage is the starting of a family, this helps our population increase. This is not a law, but this is normally the first thing a newlywed couple would want to do.

Also an ethical value of having kids is that the couple is suppose to wait till they are married before they have kids. This does not always happen, especially because one out of every three babies born in Montana is by an unwed mother. So sometimes a kid is involved before marriage. Also accidents happen, and sometimes a baby can come unexpectedly, which sometimes forces a couple to become married. The universal value on this is that it is wrong to be married because of a baby.

Honesty is a universal ethical rule; it is what everyone seeks from others. There needs to be honesty in a marriage, a marriage will not work out if everything is based on lies. Also marriages are when two people want to help each other in life. One can not help someone if the other is always lying.

The word sharing is for everything in a marriage. It is ethically right that the couple now share everything. There are things that some couples are going to share that another couple may not. They are to share a house together and with their children if have them. Also some couples will share money and bank accounts. Some couples feel what they earn is what they get and won’t share, but that would be considered a wrong value. The couple shares a bed. The most important thing couples share is there responsibility of the household and jobs in life. This is keeping the house clean and taking kids back and forth to school. The responsibility should be equal for each person.

Marriage was love and happiness; today it brings our fear, the fear of divorce. Marriage has changed in the past few years, we have become a disposal society in where if we do not like something we throw it away and start over. When interviewing people who were being married 40 years ago, they said it was something that two people stuck through it all. When things got rough they fought through it and continued life. In today’s life we do not fight for a marriage, we just give it up and get divorced. Now people are not thinking clearly before getting married and believing they will make it with their companion forever. People now feel that if it doesn’t work its not a problem they can just get divorced.

Since the divorce rate keeps going up so do the jobs for marriage counseling. This is something couples should think about before going for divorce. The counseling may help them before a major problem evolves of even after a problem, but couples should fight for their marriage first.

There are many ethical values of getting married and to be fully ready to get married one should put in to mind that they want to be with someone forever and they should not be willing to give it up quickly. Even when some of the ethical values are broken a couple should try to work it out.


The way to keep marriages lasting is, to keep marriage counseling available (*), have things to do together(*), and to keep the feeling of love and happiness in a marriages (*). Marriage is something people need to work hard for. It isn't always easy to stay happy, but everyone should try as hard as they can.

Revise Spring, 2008, Cellmer

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