Media Listening

1. Jukebox
Music Competitions
-Battle of the Bands
-Billings Gazette competition
-Montana Idol- Local singing competeion held every summer at Petro theater. People come from all over Montana to share their talent with judges and compete to be named Montana Idol. Every year the winner is sent to an American Idol location to audition for American Idol.
-Tuney Awards- local "Grammy Awards"
Every October the Billings Outpost puts on the Tuney Awards show. There are usually around 35 catagories. Three months prior to the show, ballots are sent out to local music places where they nominate people or bands for the specific categories. The ballots are then published in the Outpost for a couple weeks. During this time people can fill out the ballot, vote for their favorites, and mail it in. Most importantly, there can be no ballot stuffing. This year the Awards show will most likely be at the Yellowstone Valley Brewing Co.
Music Videos
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-Music videos can be found in a multitude of places such as:
-MTV: daily music news, reviews, downloads (on website), videos, etc.
-VH1: news, artist tours, message boards (on website), etc. website where videos can be posted about nearly everything.
-MuchMusic: popular European channel.
-Viva: Germany's most popular music channel.
-ChannelV: Music channel for the Asia/Pacific region including Australia, India, China, and Korea
-CMT: America's country music channel.
-102&5 Hit Channel: Italian hit channel
-TMF: Most popular Dutch music channel
-Magic TV: Italian music channel
-BravoTV: music and youth channel
-Wikipedia Music Video Network: all music tv channels worldwide
You can also view music videos in some stores around Billings. So far I have only found them playing at Best Buy.
How Music is Collected
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Music can be collected by many means in today's society, most of which are legal with the rest falling into an illegal venue. I am not sure if there would be a gray area in this matter.
In the following list are a few legal ways of which a person can see how music can be collected into an area for a persons consumerism:
-Best Buy
-Hot Topic
-Barnes & Noble
-Aardvark Audio-Visual
-Prince Party Production
-Soundscape Audio Specialists
-Online stores
-Radio stations
-Music television
-Napster and other online peer-to-peer networks that require payments
In the following list are a few ways of which a person can collect music by illegal means if they were used for such:
-Napster (before it became contracted)
-Kazaa and Kazaa-lite
-bit torrent/bit tornado
-classic 5-finger discounting
-other means of thievery

Music in Rituals
Music is a major part in celebrating a coming together of two families bound by their daughter and son. The use of music is used to show a way of expressing sorrow for the love of a lost one.
During prayer and meditation the sounds of music can also be heard.
-Weddings: The music played at weddings is very traditional "Here comes the Bride" is played at almost every ceremony when the bride walks down the isle. Hymns and love ballads are also apart of the ceremony. At the receptions generally whatever the bride and groom decide on what they want the dj to play. Along with the list of what can be played there is also a list of what they dont want played.
-Funerals: Music played at funerals are selected by the family and the songs usually reflect on the deceased life. The songs that are chosen are ones that the family thinks best describes the lost loved one. Most songs played are hymns, but once in a while the family will put in the loved ones favorite songs as a remembrance for everyone.
-Meditation: During meditation one normally has playlist of music that promises to enhance your health, relaxation, meditation, inspiration and dreams.
-Prayer: Prayer can be persued by silence, speech, in song with instruments being played (piano,organs,guitar, etc.) or acapella, and chanting may also be a form used in prayer.

Music News
There are a few different ways in which people can find out about the local music scene.

There are three main webpages that local artists can post their music and news about their band.
1. Pure Volume
2. Myspace
3. Facebook

Another website that has a lot of information on upcoming shows and new bands is There are also many forums on the site where people can discuss the Billings and surrounding areas' music scenes.

Three local paper publications that contain a lot information on local music are:
1. The Billings Outpost
2. The Billings Free Press
3. Billings Gazette (more specifically the Enjoy section that comes out in Friday's edition.)

Radio Advertisments and Announcements

Posters that bands have hung around town announcing their upcoming show(s).

Word of Mouth

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