Mindfulness is a state of awareness(#)that balances our inner peace(#). It is a stong meditaion that has a joyfulness(#)and happiness(#)quality that overall helps with ones inner self, pertains to good health(#), and has a positve outcome.

*Mindfulness is a value of the concentrated awareness of one's thoughts, actions or motivations. Mindfulness plays a central role in the teaching of the Buddha where it is affirmed that correct or right mindfulness is an essential factor in the path to enlightenment and liberation. It is the seventh element of the Noble Eightfold Path, the Sadhana of which is held in the tradition to engender insight and wisdom.*

Mindfulness is a state of being aware of one’s thoughts and in mood of serenity. Since is a state of awareness is has a meditation for a better control of being aware, but you don’t always have to be meditating, or in relax state you can do while doing anything in action, all you have to do is focus on the present. Also being in a mindful state you manage your stress, anxiety, panic, chronic pain and depression.

Right mindfulness involves bringing one's awareness back into the present moment. By residing more frequently in the present moment, practitioners begin to see both inner and outer aspects of reality. Internally, one sees that the mind is continually chattering with commentary or judgment. One has the ability to carefully observe those thoughts, seeing them for what they are without aversion or judgment. Those practicing mindfulness realize that thoughts are just thoughts. One is free to release a thought, let it go when one realizes that the thought may not be concrete, reality or absolute truth. Thus, one is free to observe life without getting caught in the commentary. Many voices or messages may speak to one within the vocal mind. It is important to be aware that the messages one hears during thinking may not be accurate or helpful, but rather may be translations of, or departures from truth.1

Jon kabit zinn he his the former leader in mindfulness into medicine and in his book he talks about mindfulness, he teaches mindfulness meditaion as a technique to cope with anxiety, stress, pain, and illness. has he continues in his book he talks about how mindfulness teaches the body to cope with many things, he alters it to the psychology and puts it fourth in the medicine, he links all of these teaching to a higher process of mindulness.2

in billings their are many stresses out there that many people can't cope with it is the mindulness that teaches us to alter our perseption and find other ways to cope by the process of mediation, we as billings residers if you will have to learn these concepts of mindfulness, a powere not to high or unacheivable. billings as to out source these concepts and being close to a reservation i would like to incoorperate the mindfulness of being cleansed and put through the power of mediation, through the teaches of native american ways of mindfulness. naitive americans start off by cleansing one's perception by painting there face and then entering a sweat lodge to better get the feeling of clearing your mind and feeling the powere of high meditaion. it is this unique way the native americans in montana feel the power of mindfulness.3


Mindfulness brings togetherness(#), and raw emotions(#) to each person who finds self awareness(#). It also brings a sense of compassion(#) to one's self being. From being in a meditation state of mind you can find a sense of good health(#).from mindfulness come a sense of wisdom(#) and clarity(#)


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