Moderation is important in every part of life, but many Americans have lost most moderation in their lives. In today's society we are overloaded with stimuli. We feel the need to be doing something that excites us or entertains us constantly, or we feel bored or unsatisfied. This shows up in everything we do, from the types and amount of food we eat to the activities we choose to fill our time with. We should stop and look at how we live. Does all of this time filling activity desensitize us to what is going on outside our door? Is this fast paced way of life the best way to live or should we give ourselves more time to stop and smell the roses?

The definition of moderation from the Merriam-Webster online dictionary is, to lessen the intensity or extremness of and to become less violent, severe or intense. Does society today desensitize us to violence and crime when we should be more of aware and proactive in these things? Is this why there seems to be more violence stemming from the school systems? Many families seem to have lost alot of closeness that is so important to children. Children are given whatever they want and are expected to entertain themselves, but isn't parental involvement very important. Instead of buying numerous video games and sitting in front of the television we should get out and go to the parks, go to the museum or try a new hobby as a family. What about giving the kids a large box and some chalk so they can create their own fort. Make them use their imaginations again. Then maybe use the video games and television sparringly so that children don't become dependent on it for entertainment. A little bit is ok, but over doing it is when we get into trouble.

America is the most overweight country in the world because we have lost the sense of moderation in food. We drive down the road and have the option of going to numerous fast food restaurants that have large portions and huge numbers of calories for a very low, convienient price. Many rely on these types of restaurants for meals throughout the week. Then we have sit down restaurants right around the corner that are convinient when time is short or cooking is not on the to do list. These types of restaurants are great on occasion, but they can be dangerous for the waistline and pocket book. Moderation in food and drink is so important because the risk of disease rises with obesity and living a healthy lifestyle gives you motivation to improve other things in life.

Moderation can and should be used in almost every part of life, from food to television usage. It is hard in a society that is want verses need based and when we are constantly surrounded by stimuli that attract our attention. Using moderation gives us time to enjoy each activity we do and each person we encounter. I hear the complaint that "there are just not enough hours in the day to get everything done". Well is everything that this person is doing vital for life every day or can they look at their situaltion and cut a few things out. Simplifing life may not work for everyone, but practicing this in even one part of life can free up time for the ever needed "time for nothing" or "me time".

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