Music Appreciation
MusicLove.jpgMusic Appreciation
Music is the fluid of the arts. In the sense that music can take many forms, can evoke various emotions, and can recall memories. Those who choose to love music and those who love to listen to music can understand that music appreciation is a human value. Unfortunately, music appreciation is not something held in high regard.

Music has many forms, from the songs sang around the fire to the music we all here on the radio. The great aspect of music is that music has an abundance of applications. Religions use music to praise their deities or gods. Commercials write jingles for their products, so that people remember the products. Artists write music to share with the world their feelings or views. Tribes sing certain songs to parallel a specific ritual. Indians used to sing and dance to the gods to make it rain. Music has a purpose, whatever that purpose is, depends on the individual and their beliefs.

Music has the ability to induce feeling. Someone who is brokenhearted can turn on Gloria Gayner‘s, “I will Survive”, and not feel so bad. Someone who is constant frustrated and is tired of getting pushed around, cranks up, “Were Not Gonna Take It”, and can stand up for themselves the nest time. If someone is felling lost and stressed out about life, about paying the bills, about studying for that test. Music is there for them, not matter what the situation. It can stimulate the emotions to make those who are sad, and make them happy. It can boil the blood and motivate someone feel less lethargic. Music has a very powerful impact of what emotions can run through the human mind.

The best aspect of music is its ability to recall a moment in time. When a classic tune comes on the radio, you can remember what you were doing when this song came out. Or when something good or bad happens, there is always that one song that can remind you of that particular instance in time. People often say that song reminds me of cruising in my brand new car on my favorite street with my best friend and not care in the world. Musical reminiscence is music’s most admirable quality.
Whether you appreciate music or not is up to you. If its just noise that people tend to play to loud and you hate it. That’s your choice, but the next time you are on a long drive or your feeling emotionally vacant. Turn on the radio or put on your favorite 45 record from your past and remember how appreciative you feel to have that music playing and how much the melody and the lyrics makes any problem or emotion in your life improve.

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