Nature Close By

Take time out of your busy schedule to enjoy the simple beauties of life!
Rock Climbing
Yellowstone National Park

These days, we are all so busy with work, school, money and technology we have no time to stop and appreciate the beauties of the world. Because we are all so focused on making money (capitalism), physical objects (materialism), technology, and work we have little time to enjoy nature and its benefits. Because of this, we developed a Nature Day for anyone to enjoy! One day a month businesses, schools and organizations will close down and/or allow their students and employees a day off to enjoy nature close by.

Getting Closer to Nature

1) Sign up on the 1st of each month (Organizations, Businesses, Schools, Individuals). The Nature Committee will come to interested businesses, schools, and organizations and give them a sign-up sheet which we will then pick up on the tenth of the month to give individuals time to consider what they would like to sign up for.
2) Register equipment with the Nature Committee. To register you simply fill out the last form of the sign-up sheet and the Nature Committee will give you a serial number. You will then be assigned a serial number that will correspond with a sticker on the actual equipment as well as in a specific file.
3) Booth set up and equipment drop off. This takes place the night of the 25th of each month. Leaders of each group as well as the Nature Committee will meet at Senior High where we will keep all the equipment.
4) Meet at Pioneer Park on the 26th of each month. The morning of the 26th is Nature Day. Each group will meet depending on their activity. For instance, the fishing group will meet earlier than the hiking group.
5) Check in to preferred station. Once the individual arrives, they must check in at their station to meet with their group.
6) Pull together gas money if necessary. Each group will split gas money depending on where they’re going.

Ideally, this activity will pull together all varieties of people. For instance, the individuals who normally aren’t interested in nature might have a little more incentive if they’re missing work or school. Then, hopefully it will catch on and the entire city of Billings will shut down for this day.


Ski/Snowboarding passes: Student Passes: $30.00 (Per Day)
Adult Passes $47.00 (Per Day)
Fishing Licenses: $20.00
Gas Money: Split between members
**Our goal is to eventually get enough community involvement that all these costs and fees are covered in order to get more people to attend.

Values to be encouraged/changed

We believe that engaging in natural activities and appreciating nature will lead to the emphasis of values such as community spirit which will occur while working with various community members. Cooperation will occur as well while working with community members. Generosity, independence, appreciation, sharing, and leadership will all be emphasized as well. Internal changes that will most likely happen are better senses of community, diversity, health, friendship, local pride, strength, well-being, and happiness.

Juridic Controls

Certain juridic controls may hinder the ability to smoothly attend or be involved with this project. However, they are all easily overcome. One must obtain a fishing license, park permit, understand animal and vehicle rules as well as understand park hours. Many of these are punishable by the law, however can easily be obtained.

The Ultimate Goal

The Ultimate goal of this project is to spread nature throughout the entire Billings community. All of Billings closes down to experience nature for one day every month in the hopes that nature will once again be appreciated.

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